Thursday, November 1, 2012

And we do not know what else she has submitted for her claims!

In the case of Teresa Kok, she earns up to RM18,000 a month and that excludes her housing allowances plus a driver. She is also entitled to an overseas holiday – and paid for by taxpayers!

The problem with these PR leaders is that they want everything. They claim they are not power crazy but at the same time wants to be MPs and ADUNs at the same time. They keep telling their blind and deaf supporters that there is nobody else cleverer than them.
They are God anointed and also they have a right to be leaders because they are the sons, daughters, wives and husbands of the Great Leaders. The Great Leaders are all appointed ones, not even elected.
For all the crap and bull shit dished out by Ambiga of free and transparent elections – she keeps a complete silence of the non-elected posts of Anwar as Ketua Umum, Lim Kit Siang as adviser and Nik Aziz as spiritual adviser. These PR honchos hold to their posts without shame.

What? Pakatan Rakyat Leaders Already Given Up Putrajaya?

(Stop The Lies)

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