Friday, May 21, 2010

The Economy Policy Poll

The poll is academic as Najib has already set his mind on the New Economy Model (NEM), replacing the New Economy Policy (NEP). What else is new? At this point, we are hoping that the NEM (which detailed plan has yet to be finalised) will not be 'hazardous' to this country and her people. Article written by A Voice (quoted below) is not to be missed. 

The poll question :-

Economic Policy - What Do We Want?

was conducted on my other blog, ...L I S T E D !!! from 19 March, 2010 till 20 May, 2010 (2 months). 349 votes were registered. The result is as follows:-
  • 95% (333 votes) respondents voted "To continue with NEP" (New Economy Policy or Dasar Ekonomi Baru)
  • About 4 % (14 votes) respondents voted "To Scrap NEP" and,
  • Less than 1% (2 votes) respondents were indifferent.

Readers are invited to read more about the Poll or rather the New Economy Model (MEB) / Model Ekonomi Baru (MEB) here.

Quoting from the blogger A Voice of Another Brick In The Wall :-

UPDATE - 30/05/10

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