Friday, April 30, 2010

Up For Sale ?

To get back Limbang? Limbang is in Sarawak, a Malaysian territory. And the two blocks were once Malaysian but now no longer? We 'sold off' our properties to 'get back' what is ours? Strange !

And this 'salesman' was so powerful that he could sell off something that was not his, but us! The thing belongs to the entire nation, us!, gone with a stroke of pen? Enough said! Let's get to the bottomline of this scandalous affair!

Has this become a trend? The head of the nation is behaving like this country is entirely his?


Whose money was RM3 million? This money was used to "buy" votes at recent by-election. A vernacular school will gain RM3 million, a chinese school, not a national school. 


So much for the Malay candidate in a Malay majority constituency. Dont tell me that the 'Palanivel's senator deal & possible ministerialship' was struck to successfully named Kamalanathan as candidate in the face of the demands made by Samy Vellu. Did you hear the hint of Palanivel's senatorship before the election? I only heard it after Kamalanathan won the seat, unconvincingly.

MIC got its candidate. Samy Vellu got his man. Palanivel got his senatorship. The chinese got the RM 3 million. All these by making demands to the BN Chairman. BN Chairman got his unconvincing votes from the majority Malays voters. The Malay voters also voiced out demands, but did they get anything?

Limbang-Oil scandal
  • whose Limbang? whose oil areas were they?
  • who 'sold them off' ?
  • who lost? who gained?
  • who and what happen to the 'salesman'?

The recent by-election
  • whose RM3 million money was it?
  • who gave the money away? for what price? Was the deal good?
  • who demanded the candidancy? who got what? who lost all, again and again?

Before, it seems, you will get what you want quite easily if you go through the 'door keeper'. Now, you just make a lot of noise in your demand. Chances are better if you are not a Bumiputera or a Malay. Someone with power will most likely submit to your demands.

Is this country UP FOR SALE ?
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