Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The ALLAH tooth and nail fighters... Hudud for you?

UPDATE 29/04/2014

"On one hand we relentlessly push for an end to race-based and religious-based organisations. We loathe the slightest mention of introducing hudud. But on the other hand, insist that Chinese schools must remain in the whole scheme of things. And dubiously claim that it is "mother-tongue education" despite many being raised in dialects other than Mandarin"

"If we continue to have large numbers being schooled under different systems and do nothing about it, we should stop lamenting about Malaysians not living in harmony"
- Syed Nadzri

"Some Malaysians say that Hudud is against the Perlembagaan, I say there is nothing mentioned about vernacular and religious schools in the Perlembagaan too"
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Artikel Asal

"Hudud is after all ALLAH's Law and ALLAH's Law is just and universal. PAS's version of Hudud being applicable to Muslims only is nonsense. Surely if other religion fight tooth and nail to use the word ALLAH for God they would not mind submitting to ALLAH's Laws would they?"

"A coalition built only on their hate of UMNO and BN and nothing else is useless to the country's development and progress. "
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