Monday, July 26, 2010

Justifying Holocaust ?

A short morning trip to my son's school today, the guys and gal of FlyFM still talking about Taek Jho Low on the air. They short-named him TJL. I heard they were saying something about TJL spending 1.8 million Pound Sterling in a party buying expensive champagne?

Oh well, it is not TJL that I had in mind for posting this morning.

Continuing my previous posting, "Hitler - From the perspective we seldom heard of", it is quite natural or expected that many will doubt such report. Was there any credence to the report? Where is the source? These are perhaps the first few questions asked by many, including me.

But one thing is clear to me. I have never heard such report before, but I have heard, read, watch movies etc so much about holocaust and it is becoming ad nauseam to me. I have read not too long time ago, they hunted down one already very old guy whom they said was a surviving member of Nazi (something like that). And I believe there are certain countries today who make it unlawfully to sympathize with Nazi.

To me, this report of  Hitler that we seldom (or never) heard of is just another piece of material that I read "second hand", very much the same with the materials that I read about holocaust. The difference is only, holocaust is ad nauseam and this piece of Hitler is the first time. So both are not "first hand news" to me, that is, I did not hear it from Hitler himself, neither I did hear them from the victims of holocaust themselves. I believe many of us also in the same boat. Only that we have been fed with holocaust stories over and over eversince the rise of Hitler until today!! So the other side of Hitler, even though is interesting, become so naturally doubtful to many when it came up. Many would find something to justify the doubt such as, "the army looked like Turkish wearing Tarbush" and some went into the theory that "the west is trying to cleverly discredit the Muslim by linking it to Hitler" etc.

Well, at this point anything can be true, either side of the stories. But one thing for sure to me. This other side of Hitler's story is interesting to me and I like it. Honestly, I want to believe it. Holocaust stories? Ad nauseam!

It is so ad nauseum such that I am beginning to believe that holocaust stories I heard all these while are actually a very clever media project by the zionist (there are differences between zionist and jewish). I dont need to convince anyone on who control the world media today, do I? Even back then, were there any reknown media which report "the other side of the story"? Only today, the ICT age, we start or beginning to read/come across "the other side of story"; a piece here, a piece there. Still nothing to compare with the news that have been fed by the media giants of today.

Summing up the above, these questions can lingers on one's mind. What if "the other side of Hitler's story" is true? What if "holocaust" was just another very successful media spins? Even if the holocaust did really happen, was it to such gory scale that put the Nazi so bad? Being fed with all the news of holocaust, I wonder "Why Hitler Did What He Did?" in my previous posting on the Heroes of MV Rachel Corrie/Memoriam of Rachel herself.

Nazi and holocaust stories originated some decades ago and they are still very hot topic, or rather they keep heating up the holocaust stories right up until today. What about the Jews (more rightly I think the zionist)? Don't you read too in the sacred books of most major religions, like Al Qur'an, Bibles etc? It seems the issue with the Jews/Zionist begin from the days of Adam and Eve!

What is the difference between holocaust stories and the stories we heard today  about Israelis (zionist) senselessly killing people, especially the Palestinians? Will the media reportings be the same with the reportings of holocaust in terms of its gory details, frequency, "stickyness" of the reports in the world media, etc?

Or, the holocaust stories are part of another clever project being drummed up and kept alive to justify the senseless killings by the Israelis?

And when majority of the UN Security members are about to pass world's resolution to condemn and bring Israel to justice, there you have the U.S.A. comes to the rescue with it's veto power. Can anyone understand this behaviour of U.S.A. when it comes to protecting Israel? Again, from Matthias Chang's Future Fast Forward:-

Conspiracy Theory or Reality?

Back to the reports/news/stories we seem to believe today, Hitler himself had a philosophy (?) concerning lies:-

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."
(Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch)

Do the people behind the media giants use Hitler's very own "philosophy" in their holocaust stories to justify the senseless killings of today?

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