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We Still Cannot Accept The Truth Behind It

Why can't you understand that !!

The 13th May 1969 Racial Riots
Analisis by Jebat Must Die (pdf file)
They are waking up .....

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MAY 13 couldn’t have happened if not for the environment of bad relations between Malays and non-Malays, which was generated in 1964, during the racial riots in Singapore.
But 40 years on, we are no better off. If I were to go out on the street now and slap a couple of Malay boys, there would be ethnic trouble.
We haven’t changed since 1969. We can’t even have one school for all our children. And we can’t even discuss the possibility of this without getting angry.
The Razak Report (in 1956, to reform the Malayan education system) stated that the main objective of the country’s education policy is national unity. But which school has achieved this policy in this country? Instead, someone came up with the slogan “Science for unity”. It should be “Education for unity”.
We need to cross the ethnic divide. Malaysians need to grow up together.
We need to make a very serious start to try to bring people closer together. There’s no need for the National Service Training Programme.
Sports, the cadet corps, scouts, girl guides — they used to bring our children together and they had this in every school. But these uniformed activities have been allowed to die, because the students have to study to get 28 As! And schools don’t have school concerts any more.
The prime minister should organise activities for the young, which will allow them to socialise. The government should plan for the younger generation to understand one another.
And they should be taught not to rely on their ethnicity for success. The New Economic Policy was meant to balance economic disparity among the races; any disadvantaged group would be helped. Unfortunately, the NEP was not implemented the way it was supposed to be, and it created a greater divide between the races.
The way it is now, it gives the impression that it’s a way for Malays to make easy money.
It’s a mistake to equate 1Malaysia with the Malaysian Malaysia concept. “Malaysian Malaysia” carries bad memories, because of the way it was used in 1969.
What people should understand about the Social Contract is, the Malays are not given privileges because they were the original inhabitants of Malaya: of course not. They were given privileges because the British came in by signing treaties with the Malay rulers.
After May 13, we came up with the Rukun Negara, which was supposed to be the national ideology. It was supposed to be planted in the minds of the young, so that they would have shared values and beliefs.
Unfortunately, schools just got the students to memorise it. If pupils don’t understand what they are studying, it’s no good.
People are supposed to learn about the Constitution, and understand the concept of parliamentary democracy and separation of powers, so that if they saw these being eroded, they would speak up against it.
There are various theories of what really happened on May 13, and how it actually started. But society’s still not ready for the truth — even among the educated.
We are unable to discuss facts without feeling obliged to apportion blame. But, with regards to May 13, the truth doesn’t matter. What’s important is that we should understand enough about it to avoid it.
Khoo, a historian and Suhakam commissioner, was on the research panel for the Rukun Negara
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