Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Young Sheik of Malaysia

The last time I was away, they increased... oh no!, they reduced the fuel subsidy by 70 sen. Or was it 78 sen? This time when I got back from faraway lands, the fuel subsidy was reduced by 5 sen. When they corrected the 70 sen fiasco last time, did the traders follow suit to correct the prices of goods bloated by the 70 sen fiasco? They said they won't be increasing the prices of goods following the recent increase in fuel price (how could they when they already had durian runtuh during the 70 sen fiasco), but.. err... the sugar was up by 25 sen?

Anyway, I need to settle down after long holiday and need to 'correct' my biological clock back to normal. Sending my kid to school this morning, on the air, the Fly FM guys and gal were talking about Taek Jho Low (a brief mention of  Taek Jho Low after Sakmongkol AK47 mentioned it here) after Taek Jho Low appeared together with Paris Hilton. Hantu Laut made of series of blog entry of Mr Big Spender here, here and here

There were numerous mentions of the guy all over the blogosphere. In Rocky's Bru too. Mr. Big Spender is 28 years old. He studies in the United States and also an advisor to an internatinal corporation (did I hear it correct from the Fly FM guys?). I thought I read it somewhere that he is a good friend to one of DS Najib's children.

Oh well... there is "Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again", too many links about "the son inlaw reigning from the fourth floor", "Sime Darby and The Fox," (huh? "Taman Tasik" juga? Read the first comment by Syed Akbar Ali, here), "Kursus Kemahiran Korek-Korek", "48 peti besi dalam rumah", "buying of some 8 million pound sterling property" etc..etc.. (you see!.. too tired or rather too sleepy to include the link to those various Cerita Cerita Rakyat) and yet when it comes to the story of Malaysia may become bankrupt by Idris Jala, the Rakyat are called upon to tighten the already tightened belt.

I certainly wish that all those "Perompak Negara" and "Poor Rakyat" stories are really my jet lag daytime dreams, especially when no action seem to be taken to stop all these big time robbings. Hey! One of the major income for the government is the income tax, right? They are robbing us, and now, the government (elected by the Rakyat) while seemingly not to take any stern action, is asking us to tighten the belt? Is the government condoning all these robbings?

Anyway, I need to 'correct' my biological clock and to settle down. What is up with Zambry of Perak? (Also mentioned here) Antubahasa at BigDog commented that last time Zambry made it compulsory for the MPs to attend mandarin classes soon after wrestling Perak government from PR. I read that too in Zambry's blog  long time ago. I think Zambry should attend classes tuitioning the Perlembagaan Persekutuan, especially the topic relating to "Hak-hak Orang Melayu dan Bumiputera" versus "Hak-hak Kaum-Kaum Lain" and also the topic relating to "Kedudukan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan". That goes to Najib Razak too!

More reasons for supporters of UMNO to dump the party into the drain, not because of the party, but because of its President and the Many of the President's Men.

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