Friday, May 4, 2012

Awesome Downhill Mountain Biking..!!

Here's an old story. The graphics below were created by my ex-boss, who was also my ex-mountain bike "god-father like" trainer. This was the time when desktop computing of CPU500MHz was still a dream to come in not the next 12 months..

Well.. the above pics were not actual though. They were "engineered" by my ex-boss from a mountain bike magazine. However, they closely resembled the actual event which took place at FRIM Sg. Buloh. The downhill mishap earned me a ward for several days at Damansara Hospital.

The B&W sketch became too dark when scanned. The pic actually shows 3 doctors at operation table, working on a mangled mountain bike.

Well.. the ex-boss did exaggerate the story.. that is all I can say...

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