Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jamaludin Jarjis' TPPA - Kapten sudah tersasul atau tersewel

...the Malaysian Cabinet is NOT united in support of the TPPA.

Huge swathes of Gomen, INCLUDING Khazanah Nasional Bhd are NOT in support of the TPPA. The Civil Service (yes including the MITI folks) are not in full support of the TPPA. Many Civil Servants are being forced to do something they dont agree with.

Almost the entire nation is against the TPPA.  The NGOs are against the TPPA. Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir is dead against the TPPA. Utusan Melayu is against the TPPA. Syed Akbar Ali is against the TPPA. I know many of you readers are against the TPPA.

So who is the jerk-off who is in favour of the TPPA?

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