Saturday, March 22, 2014

#PrayForMH370 - Pray for ???

Everyday and almost everywhere in Malaysia we hear "Malaysia mendoakan keselamatan para penumpang dan anak kapal MH370 - Malaysia pray for the safety of passengers and crews of MH370". Dato Seri Hishamuddin also says it again and again, latest being in the press conference a couple of hours ago, that he will never give up and will keep on searching. The crews and passengers of MH370 are close to his heart and he prays for their safety, will never give up.

But the question is....

Why, since day one and until today, the SAR focus on searching in the ocean? To find what? Plane wreckage? Do you expect to find the passengers and crews still safe in a plane wreckage somewhere in the Indian Ocean after over 10 days since that fateful day of 8th March?

Isn't it more logical to search on land somewhere, not the ocean, if you really hope for the passengers and crews are still safe today? Isn't it weird to hope for the safety but launched SAR on a very big international scale to look for a plane wreckage somewhere in the ocean?

Oh well...

Until today.. no one can give a definite answer yet whether MH370 has crashed into ocean or whether MH370 has safely landed somewhere. Correct?

But almost everyone, locally, internationally, the guys in the streets, the experts and perhaps the affected families themselves seem eager to hear the news,,, the news that the plane has been found! The wreckage of the plane that is! They are waiting anxiously for any news from SAR teams that plane wreckage/debris has indeed been found, confirmed, somewhere in the ocean.

And we keep hearing the mantra being repeated everyday...."searching for the plane wreckage..searching for the plane wreckage....searching for the plane wreckage..".. as if to brain-wash everybody that the plane has indeed crashed and now somewhere in the vast ocean. But at the same time we were told to keep on praying for the safety of the people involved... funny isn't it?


Everybody just want to continue their life... life goes on... it is over 10 days already with no concrete evidence as to whether MH370 has crashed or not. The most clean cut theory, enabling the closure of this tragedy is to get everyone to accept that MH370 has indeed crashed... doesn't matter whether the plane will be found or not...   

But the experts themselves told us that the black box will emit signals soon after the plane exploded, if so, or soon after it came in contact with water (the plane went down into ocean). We should have got this black box signal on 8th March won't we? When the plane first touched the water? Won't we?

What about the reports that MH370 made a turn back? Low flying? Flight path which seems to avoid radar detections? The sighting at Tok Bali? Suspected Andaman sea flight path and went over the Indonesian territory? People of Maldives spotted a plane resembling MAS plane heading toward the sourthern tip of Maldives where about 700km further south would be Diego Garcia?

If we really hope and pray the safety of the crews and passengers of MH370, would it not be more logical to conduct SAR focusing on land along the suspected flight path when MH370 made the turn back?

It will be much easier to conduct SAR operation compare to the vast ocean since there are many clues and indications as to where the flight path was. Along the suspected turned back flight path, were there any area that can sufficiently land the plane? Hidden runaway perhaps? Why not focus these kind of areas then? Fuel wise, MH370 can only fly 8 or 9 hrs (?), unless refueled. So, MH370 could not have gone far, over the range of the available fuel.

But well... 

To follow this "conspiracy" Diego Garcia theory, one would need to "invade" a US military base... long shot huh? And it may also be very messy to indeed find MH370 landed pretty in Diego Gracia. What story need to be cooked then after all these over 10 days of clueless SAR in the ocean? Diego Garcia theory also will mean that one cannot expect a closure to this tragedy, not an immediate thing to expect. Would the family members of the affected people ready to rough it out through this prolonged episode of Diego Garcia theory then?

But then again... perhaps soon.. there will be news all over the world..that MH370 has been confirmed went down deep into Indian Ocean. The wreckage has not been found. Just like the 911 story, happened many many years ago in New York. And today people are still making many theories about the incident. But what is very clear in the story... USA had been attacked by the muslim Al Qaeda terrorists... many events took place after that 911 .. the ripples effect... perhaps this MH370 too...

Enough of the "conspiracy" theory! This is for tomorrow! Be wise kajang folks!!

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