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“Sebanyak 604 pelatih PLKN itu telah dikategorikan tidak boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Melayu dan saya juga pelik bagaimana mereka boleh lulus SPM?.

“Keadaan ini sebenarnya amat pelik dan tidak sepatutnya wujud kerana sebagai warganegara Malaysia mereka ini wajib menguasai bahasa Melayu dengan baik."
Prof. Dr. Teo Kok Seong

Copy-paste from Bro JUST MY THOUGHTS, sourced HERE.

On the 'pendatang' thingy, I think blogger Aspan Alias says it best:

In our everyday life Malays seldom even use the word pendatang to describe our Chinese and Indian citizens.....mana ada kita cakap kat opis hoi pendatang come to my room for short discussion? Hoi pendatang teh tarik satu...mana ada da.

Why some politicians like to always scrape this word from the bottom of the hate barrel every time they meet is a mystery to me.  Its very archaic you know.

Malaysia would be a much more peaceful haven on earth if we all accept the realities of our surrounding:

1. The Malays/Bumis are an easy going people, who are tolerant beyond believe, who thinks the modern rat race can wait and certainly do not need condescending lectures by our own or others about being left behind on the road to progress whatever that may be. We decide when and how the pace would be like. We like to balance the worldly ways with our spiritual being.

2. The Chinese on the other hand should also accept that their ancestors who came from China are immigrants (pendatang) who are welcomed by the Malays, and you know what?... your ancestors make good in Malaya and as citizens who are born and bred in this country you have prospered in Malaysia.

3. And please speak Bahasa Melayu when you are in the company of your Malay employees and friends will go a long way to lessen the suspicions between the races.

The truth is tidak ada pendatang lagi di negara ini, we are all Malaysian citizens warts and all, but the truth is also many of us still have this 'mentaliti pendatang' like what blogger Aspan Alias accurately observed, and until we shed that mentality and continue to listen to divisive politicians, the word pendatang will always be a derogatory term for some of us.

Thank you.

Siapa melabel anda sebagai "PENDATANG" kalau tidak anda sendiri?

Pemangkin kecelaruan identiti negara...


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