Monday, April 2, 2012

Chinese agenda in Tanah Melayu

RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN Political Transformation

One needs to only read the articles and comments in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Chronicle to see this. The attack by the Chinese Bloggers, columnists and commenters is proof enough that this is all about the Chinese agenda. Are we trying to demolish the Malay agenda of Umno or are we propagating the Chinese agenda of the opposition? It looks like it is both, to demolish the Malay agenda and to replace it with the Chinese agenda.

With his latest writing entitled ‘Chinese Agenda’ in his Malaysia Today blog, I’m not at all surprised if RPK will be labelled  as another ‘racist’ Malay, as they did to TS Muhyiddin Yasin, Ibrahim Ali, and scores of other UMNO leaders and bloggers. - WTMK

Read full article by WTMK, here...


Penyakit BENCIkan DS Najib dan UMNO sudah MENULAR dalam GENERASI muda puak-puak ini..


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