Thursday, July 10, 2014


"Essentially, what TalentCorp is is a world tour holiday package for the “advisors” parked in the Prime Minister’s Office.
TalentCorp is a bloody con!
And while the PM’s pets nibble on croissant in the venues above, the poor or homeless rakyat can visit soup kitchens.
Or keep clam and eat kangkung."

Read the whole story by HELEN ANG

Did anyone say Soup Kitchen?

All the Najib administration screw-ups – the NUCC loose cannons as the most recent example – only serve to renew the “who’s the new PM” speculation because Najib’s popularity is plummeting, is it not?
He is letting the opposition pijak kepala the establishment and his own appointees such as Saifuddin Abdullah are raising hackles within the pro-government camp.

The public must demand TalentCorp show us their results

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