Monday, April 29, 2013

Intending to beLIEf in the LIE..

From CAN YOU SEE IT.... (click)
..if media in Malaysia is all controlled, why can't they control Malaysiakini?
Did you know that Malaysiakini is foreign funded through the many grants and Premesh himself conducts 'lessons' on social media campaigns to NGO's and activist elsewhere? 

Because supporters of Pakatan are all blinded by hate, they cannot see that even main stream media like The Star do also give coverage to Pakatan. In fact Astro Awani has a program in between news that is 'get to know your ADUN/MP' where they interview the candidates from both divide.

Why can't PR supporters see this? Because they don't watch television and read the papers!


Watch this video before 5 May 2013

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