Thursday, April 25, 2013

The myth that thousands are flying back.........


Another evidence of racist behaviour by DAP's wakil rakyat :-
What left Lim fuming was that the letter was written in Mandarin by one of his staff.
“His officers asked me to return the next day if I wanted the letter in Bahasa Malaysia,” he said.
* Mandarin is the official language of CINA KOMUNIS.

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Lim Kit Siang who was dead angry at Tun Mahathir several days ago for accusing him  as a campaigner of racist strategy in Gelang Patah, had not only did just like what Tun Mahathir had predicted, but also fielded more chinese from his party in the constituencies DAP are contesting.

...only  one out of 20 candidates is a malay and only 2 are indians. That is only 5% and 10% respectively from the total list. The DAP opponents on the other hand are Barisan Nasional candidates which are quite mixed in numbers. There are malays, chinese and indians.

... and some notes from OUTSYED THE BOX (Click HERE for full article):-
  • The fact Ghani is standing in a Chinese majority constituency means he believes the Chinese there are level headed and non racist.
  • Ghani is an epitome of multi racialism ie a Malay standing in a Chinese majority constituency. Would  Kit Siang stand in a Malay majority constituency? 
  • The remaining  17 DAP candidates in Johor are all  Chinese.  Yet the DAP calls itself a multi racial party.  They are NOT racist?
  • Here's a copy of DAP's Membership Application Form.  
    Isn't it racist when the form has a special box where they require the name in Chinese?

Original Post:-

Choices in GE-13
Vote in a Chinese led opposition into government based on the Singapore model (DAP) and you will always have a Chinese leader. Typically it will be from the same family like they do there in Singapore with the Lee dynasty. (and as Lee Kuan Yew on the record has said on more than one occasion “the Chinese will never tolerate an Indian or Malay PM for Singapore however good or qualified they may be“)

Malaysians abroad
It is why they so desperately need to return and change government so that they could reclaim the dignity and prosperity they once enjoyed but rejected in Malaysia.

Anti Asian sentiment
The Chinese migrant’s  disregard for the laws of their host countries is now an issue. Over 500,000 illegal south east Asian mainly Chinese are believed to reside in Australia.
1) Pendatang
2) Separatist behaviour

Chinese democracy
More importantly there is no Chinese dominated nation anywhere in recent history that can show evidence of democratic government or leaders who understood anything other than totalitarian, undemocratic, inhumane and intolerant governments with great economic successes to show for it.
None have shown a capacity to reach a balance between their great money grab and that of the rights of humans or animals.

Read the full-text HERE by GOPAL RAJ KUMAR

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