Saturday, April 20, 2013

What about you?

Continuing previous post about the graph, as again, reproduced below:-

Looking at the graph, Malaysia is at no. 11 and no. 17 out of over 100 countries, in terms of providing the lowest price to her citizens, for unleaded gasoline and diesel, respectively.

Most of the countries that provide even lower price than Malaysia, can be categorized as the "heavy-weight" in oil producing, a natural resource. Malaysia, even though not really a heavy-weight oil producing country, can credit herself in managing the natural resource, such that she is able to provide her citizens such an attractive oil price compare to hundred over countries in the world.

 "Managing" here can be closely tied to "governing". Saudi Arabia is a real heavy-weight in oil producing but do compare Saudi Arabia to the United States of America. USA is far more better in managing this natural resource. Which one of the two countries has been dubbed as "the land of plenty"?

Back to PKR/DAP/PAS so-called "JANJI" to (even) lower the price if they managed to govern Malaysia. Of course, anyone can "sell" anything to make someone else "buys" from him. The question is, would someone:-
  • buy without thinking?
  • just listen to the "sale" talks with a pinch of salt?
  • forget about buying after thinking?
Yes, it is possible for PKR/DAP/PAS to even lower the price of oil when if they were given a chance to govern. But to what degree of possibility? Don't we want to think first before buying?

At least, given the scenario that can be portrayed from the graph above, PKR/DAP/PAS must have some "magics" in order for them to "promise" the lower price. This "magic" could be:-

(1). They know that Malaysia have secret oil wells, that can give far more oil than the current heavy-weights oil producing countries. (These secret oil wells will only be made known only if PKR/DAP/PAS won the PRU, otherwise the wells will remain a secret until the next PRU) 

(2). They have many talents to manage this country (to be proven and utilized only if they win the PRU) that can easily out-managed USA, the "land of plenty". (We can have some ideas of this "magic" by looking at Selangor, Pulau Pinang and Kedah, NOW and THEN ... and of course.. look at Kelantan. Don't forget to look at how some of their "big guns" behave also - how iconic!!!)

The rest, please go on imagine the imaginable imaginations.........


(3). PKR/DAP/PAS "oil price reducing manifesto" is just a gimmick in order to get power. Different stories of "oil reducing price" will be sung once PKR/DAP/PAS get what they want, that is power. (Simply to say "they lie to the voters just to get the power").

Logically, if anyone add "thinking" before "buying", most probably he wont agree with (1), at least not in many million years later, and very skeptical of (2), above. The chances are, 98% go for (3) above.

which one you will go for?

The question is, are we going out to vote with our brain intact or by leaving our brain behind?

From previous post (with the original, unedited image, actually):-

The future of your children and grandchildren depends on your vote


Many have not questioned the hollowness and stupidity of this:-
Even if we have to vote for a monkey or a donkey, it does not matter, so long as we get rid of the present government. We want change and that’s all that matters. And if the Opposition fails to deliver what it promises, we can always vote them out and bring back a Barisan Nasional government..."

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