Friday, August 10, 2012

The trouble makers separatist behaviour

They want Mandarin in their schools when Mandarin is not even their mother tongue but instead, the official language of the People's Republic of Communist China.

Often they say "sekolah kebangsaan sucks" when they try to justify their vernacular schools. Well.. it is something like we all live in one house called MALAYSIA and the house undeniably has some leaks. Instead of working together hand in hand to repair the leaks, they conveniently choose to separate themselves at one corner of the house where there is no leak and build walls around, for themselves, at that corner. They even demand everything from the gomen to further enhance their separate corner which, sadly to say, the gomen more often than not, bow to the pressures.

Can you call these kind of people as the true, patriotic and loyal house dwellers? No, they are "separatist", disloyal, self-centred, unpatriotic, anti-national and even racist; who choose to separate themselves in one corner of the house.

They are truly not the house dwellers. They want to forget that their forefathers were once welcomed to take shelter in the house and later on were accepted to be as one of the house dwellers when the forefathers "identified themselves fully with the indigenous people. They (the forefathers) speak the language of the indigenous people habitually, practice the customs and traditions of the people they have been assimilated into.."

The gomen (especially the PM and Minister of Education), instead of encouraging it, should have the back-bone not to allow these kind of "separatist" behaviour in the house called MALAYSIA. No where else in the world practice these kind of "separatist" education system which obviously very detrimental to nation building.

These "simply trouble-makers" people ought to leave this house and find their own house elsewhere, where they can speak their own preferred language, do their own things and have different CONSTITUTION.  Because, here in the separate corner of the house, with such "separatist" behaviour; are they not truly......


They can't even properly speak or even understand bahasa Kebangsaan .......... house dwellers huh?!

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