Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fair & Square, Wee Ka Siong?


Wow! Wow! Wow! MCA Youth calls NEM rejection ‘primitive'. Wee Ka Siong further stated:-

"It is disappointing that the MPM had rejected the NEM. Such thinking is primitive which has not caught up with the pace of globalisation. National wealth should be allocated as per needs and merit."

That was Wee Ka Siong defending Najib's NEM against the MPM's rejection of same. Err.. where were you and Pemuda MCA when Najib desperately need the chinese votes at Sibu? Hulu Selangor? Najib's did dish out million to the chinese, did he? But the Malays gave their votes to Najib. Fair and square, Wee?

Ok la.. let us discuss your statement above regarding "as per needs and merit". Let us keep simple so that many find it easy to stomach. Let us talk about "The Rich" and "Fuel Subsidy", since NEM is talking about creating high income earners and much also on the topic of subsidy.

The Rich Ones in Malaysia Year 2010 :-
  1. Robert Kuok, Net worth: US$12bil, Source: Diversified, Age: 86
  2. Ananda Krishnan, Net worth: US$8.1bil, Source: Telecommunication, Age: 72
  3. Lee Shin Cheng, Net worth: US$4.6bil, Source: Palm oil, Age: 71
  4. Lee Kim Hua, Net worth: US$3.9bil, Source: Gaming, Age: 81
  5. Quek Leng Chan, Net worth: US$3.85bil, Source: Diversified, Age: 69
  6. Teh Hong Piow, Net worth: US$3.8bil, Source: Banking, Age: 80
  7. Yeoh Tiong Lay, Net worth: US$2.5bil, Source: Diversified, Age: 80
  8. Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary, Net Worth: US$1.7bil, Source: Diversified, Age: 58
  9. Vincent Tan, Net worth: US$1.6bil, Source: Diversified, Age: 58
  10. Tong Hiew King, Net worth: US$1.2bil, Source: Timber, Age: 75 
So, how many bumiputera billionaire in the list, Wee? Can you count? Let us now take the top 7 billionaire. How many non-chinese billionaire, Wee? Any Malay billionaire?

Let us now talk about "Fuel Subsidy". What car these 10 billionaire drive? Let us assume they drive 6,000 c.c. above Mercedes, Ferrari or what nots.

Let us assume the value of subsidized fuel for each car is RM100 each time the billionaire fill up the tank. So, for one car, the government is subsidizing RM100 to Syed Mokhtar, RM100 to Ananda Krishnan and RM800 to 8 other billionaire, right? Fair & Square, Wee? If Syed Mokhtar and Ananda Krishan have 10 cars each, the rest of the eight have 800 cars, right?

With one stroke of pen by a Malay Minister, Vincent Tan is richer by more than RM500 million.

And you guys want to discriminate some more with your foreign Bahasa Pendatang's  language?

So what are exactly THE NEEDS and MERIT here, Wee?

What car do you drive, Wee? Perodua Viva, like us? How much is your full tank? Us... hmmm... around RM50. So how much is the government subsidizing you, the fuel, compare to us? Fair & square, Wee?

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