Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From the formerly TEMASEK (to MALAYsians).. with love..

I'd like to copy-paste an email from a Singaporean...  a reading 'pleasure' for those who are doing their bits defending this nation from those who are out to destroy MALAYsia.

It doesn't have to be an army of sophisticated weaponry to bomb MALAYsia to her destruction. All they need to do is 'attack' the principles of the RUKUN NEGARA and flout the PERLEMBAGAAN NEGARA. Their disrespect toward the official religion, toward the Rulers, Bahasa Kebangsaan, the very foundation of MALAYSIA namely referred to as 'Social Contract' and their madness in reaching PutraJaya in the most undemocratic ways will all create chaos, disharmony and finally the fall of MALAYsia.

Not 'that' other side alone, but also 'this' side too - in a way 'assisting' the fall of this great country; for example, weak governance - unable to effectively uphold the laws and orders, always seem to be in submission for fear of losing votes (?), leaving the country's fate in the hands of unscrupulous 'con'Sultans and punahSihats and 'building' (or rather destroying?) this nation with vernacular education system instead of the SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

Timid and weak government has allowed them to become bolder and bolder each day, with the so-called 'Bersih', an accused-sodomiser relentlessly giving speeches everywhere under the sun undermining the good name of this country and 'opening doors' to foreign powers to meddle into the country's internal affairs, yet, nothing was effectively done to curb all these very unhealthy elements threatening the nation. As usual, elegant silence it seems.

From a Singaporean, who already went through the experience....
"So poor thing, Malaysia and M'sians .....especially the Malays....Those Khazanah people are the remnants of the 4th floor boys right?

I think they are thinking of money and their commissions ....They don't give a damn about the country as long as their coffers are full, I wonder whether they are Malays. There are those Malays condemning their own race .....the "Kurang ajar betul".. They forgot about their own benefits that they had they are condemning everything Malay, some more in front of the Chinese and Indians ....

As a Singaporean, I pity the Malays... If only they taste a little of how is it like being in yr own homeland but treated like a 3rd class citizen. Who says there is no NEP for the Chinese in Singapore etc ....only that the PAP keep their mouths shut...all those scholarships etc , all go to the Chinese ...and the educated Malays are encouraged only to become sad! ...Whenever I read newspaper reports on a successful Malay student or individual in Singapore, I would guess their vocation, I would say sure this one will become a Malay teacher or just a teacher .....Most of the time I was right! ...Looks like Malays can only teach ....

M'sian Malays should taste this kind of treatment, then they will know and appreciate the UMNO the same time, UMNO must cleansed itself of corruption, nepotism etc .....

I will cry for M'sia when Tanah Melayu will become layu soon.
NB ... I like MAS .....comfortable and cheap ...unlike SIA, expensive, racists 'cos they like only angmos, snobbish and bodoh sometimes.."

BTW, those who are interested in (one of) the current issues affecting the nation, the "MAS-AirAsia swap deal" can read more by searching LISTED!!! using the search string "MAS AirAsia Story". Another NATIONAL entity being 'killed' when another 'beruk di hutan disusukan'.

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