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Update : Anwar Ibrahim Has Been Found Guilty !


  UPDATE 27/10/10 (Original article was published in early August 2010)


Ada banyak lagi tulisan-tulisan bloggers mengenai AKSI KAPAL TUNDA yang tak habis-habis ni. Dah naik malas nak link. Aksi KAPAL TUNDA terbaru ini sebenarnya pun sudah basi, 2-3 hari lepas dah. Baru hari terasa nak catit sebagai update kat sini.

Baguslah tu. Setahu saya Anwar kata dia tidak melakukan sodomi. Tapi kini penyokong tegarnya sendiripun telah mengaku yang Anwar telah MENYODOM. Lead Peguam Karpal Singh pun merupakan orang yang pernah menuduh Anwar MENYODOM dalam Parlimen dulu.

Tak Merasa Jadi PM Malaysia, Anwar Kini Yakin Akan Jadi Presiden Indonesia - UJANG RANGGI

  UPDATE 06/10/10

Apo den nok kato lagi? Old habits die hard. Agaknya, yang tinggal hanyalah cubaan mencari sebanyak mana lubang cacing yang boleh dikorek. Soal betul tak betul sudah belakang kira.


"Yes folks, strike out the sodomy charges because the person whom it was alleged to be sexually assaulted by him had an affair with a nobody two years after the incident."
"The fact that the judge needs more than 2 seconds to mull things over is really quite hilarious. What’s more hilarious is, Karpal Singh, wanted to get the judgment from the Courts of Appeal over this matter. "
"So why worry? Nurul Izzah and her mother, Wan Azizah were at the condominium with Anwar Ibrahim at the time the sodomy was alleged to have happened.
Karpal Singh just have to put both women in the stand and they will, under the oath before God, become the alibi that Anwar had been keeping a secret from all of us. "
"Or maybe we should just accept the fact that Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah are just a bunch of lying politicians. Together with a twisted lawyer, they are all out to bamboozle the Malaysian public.
 Read more here,

Here comes Anwar Ibrahim’s alibi!



Original Post (08/08/2010):

"Dato Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim! You have been found guilty as charged!"  (Justice Kenn)

Simple ! After all these years of countless postponements and court stand downs, it is very clear, terang lagi bersuluh, to conclude my judgement of Anwar's trial based on ad nauseum

Naik Nak Muntah - Instead of pushing for speedier trial to prove his innocent, Anwar instead staged and  continue to stage a whole lot of dramas to delay the process of justice. You name it, from back aches, defense lawyers resigning and falling sick, arsenic poisoning, assassination plot and hiding at Turkish Embassy, challenging the sitting judge, questioning the prosecution team, KPN, accussing victim having affairs which has nothing to do with the sodomy trial, the list seems to go on and on. Any more that I have left out? I heard back ache is back again! Anwar just does not want to be on trial to prove his innocent. He keeps avoiding it for so many times and so many years. I dont know how to do a simple count already. So what does that mean? Anwar does not want to prove himself innocent? It means Anwar IS NOT innocent? Very simple then! GUILTY AS CHARGED !!! 

Oh! Okay. Why not try yet another drama to postpone the trial even more. How about following the principle of Saman Ekor, that is, "You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent"? All these whiles, the court is employing the principle of justice which says "You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty" and the prosecutors try very hard to prove that you are guilty, the sooner the better for them. Since Saman Ekor's principle is 180 degree turn from the normal principle of justice, then you take the 180 degree turn too. Instead of the prosecutor trying to prove that you are guilty, you and your defense team now prove your innocent. Take all the time you want! Take 20 years, 30 years or even 100 years to prove your innocent. Why not? How's that for your next 'delay' tactic?

Haiya ! You don't want the trial to go on, it seems. You will find just about anything to postpone it, to frustrate it Which means you don't want to prove your innocent. Which  in turn means, you are not innocent? Then you are GUILTY AS CHARGED !!!

(Or are they plotting? Your lead defense lawyer, Karpal, was the one who first accused you of sodomy in Parliament, remember?)

More of Anwar Ibrahim from Sakmongkol AK47 recent posts:-
  • Update 09/08/2010 - 5:30pm dari Bumiyang
Selepas mahkamah MENOLAK permohonan pihak pembela supaya Saiful dan Farah memberi keterangan, pihak pembela menfailkan affidavit terhadap Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Mohd. Hanafiah Zakaria, yang dikatakan melakukan kesalahan syariah iaitu berpoligami. PROSIDING MAHKAMAH TERTANGGUH LAGI!!!
  • Update 10/08/2010 - From Tunku
"... we can't allow the defence keep on delaying this trial, we simply can't look only at the interest of accused. We must look into interest of complainant and the public as well," pointed out Mohamed Yusof, who is heading the prosecution.


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