Monday, August 15, 2011

Plato in Parody

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Plato in Parody by a mouthful "TheCorruptiouslyObnoxiousSumanSumbing", a cousin of "AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut"

Plato in Parody's maiden post titled "Najib Meets The Pope". Some of parts of the so-called (or so creatively created)  Najib Tun Razak & The Pope conversations are below. "Creative" here means to have very logical, thoughtful, precise and deep meaning (simply superb!) to the issues being "discussed" which are also current hot issues being talked about here in Malaysia.

You will have to read to whole "conversation" to understand and appreciate the below extracted paragraph:-

Najib while agreeing with the use of "Allah" in bible:-
NTR:         Well, for one, I would like to sponsor the printing of bibles worldwide with the name "Allah" replacing all occurrences of "God" therein.

Pope:       Holy Veggie Fettucini! Are you out of your freakin' al-Qaeda infested mind? Why would I wanna do that?

The same God while having different names:-
Pope:       Hey! Are you mocking me? No way in heaven am I going to do THAT. We have been calling this God as "Lord" or "Father" for the past 2000 years so why should we change now?

NTR:         Exactly. That's what I have been telling our Reverend Kumar there in Malaysia, you see. But nooo... he wouldn't listen. But then Your Holiness, you DO agree that we share the same God don't you?

Pope:       Yes of course I do.

NTR:         And that this God, or this Allah, is the one who created the heavens and the earth and sent Moses with his Torah ...

Pope:       Yes ... that He did.

NTR:         … And Jesus with the gospels ...

Pope:       Yes... Yes...

NTR:         ... And Mohammed with the Qur'an, being the Final Message ...

Pope:       Yes, yes... I mean ... NO!! I mean, yes! Hey what are you trying to do here. Put words into my mouth?

The Same God is no longer the same when the Name got printed?
NTR: See, Your Holiness. We can't let you print the bible in our language and tell people in one book it says that Allah has a son and that the way to salvation is accepting this man as God himself, while in another book it says this Allah has NO son and that those who say and write so are blaspheming Him?

The Pope: (Scratching Holy head). Well now YOU have me made a bit confused here.

No endorsement from the Pope
Pope:       Are you out of your freakin’ UMNO-infested mind? For 2000 years no Pope has ever done that in Vatican and you want me to start? Imagine the lashings I get from my cardinals all over the world, not to mention those pesky Protestants with their innumerable denominations. And I bet you three shekels, my rival Pope Shenoda would have a field time ridiculing me on this.

NTR:         Then sir, since I now understand that this action or insistence that the bible includes Allah’s name in it is not getting any endorsement from you, or it doesn’t come from the Holy See’s edict (since you yourself are not willing to do that for your own bible or even pray for once using that Name) I do not have any other conclusion other than that whatever your Pakiam counterpart is doing in Malaysia, is of his own accord and not getting any endorsement from you. Am I correct in that assumption sir?

Protecting the sanctity of Jesus

NTR: Desecrating! Surely you of all people know better that Islam is the ONLY religion outside of Christianity that makes it an article of faith to believe in the ministry of Jesus, his virgin birth, his miraculous works, his Second coming? And you also know that if ever there is a muslim who rejects Jesus Christ as true and as coming from God and in as much sneer at him or his mother, he ceases to be a muslim?

Pope: You are only saying that …

NTR: It is true! Well tell me now, Your Holiness. You say so highly about the Jews, protect them so much, support them no matter what, and have some dear attachments to them. But can you tell me now what the Talmud (**) says about Jesus Christ?

Pope: That he was a false impostor with Black Magic capabilities, and is presently in Hellfire boiling in pus and semen …

NTR: Na’u zubillah! And what do they say about Mary his mother?

Pope: That she was a prostitute who conceived Jesus after a night of bliss with a Roman Soldier
NTR: See, sir? And if any muslim SAY that at all, the other muslims would KILL him in order to protect the sanctity of Jesus. And yet, with the Jews having THAT as an article of their faith, you support them, you magnify them and you rescue them even in the light of they making atrocities amongst the muslims, your supporters.

Wished Najib Tun Razak is this smart and brilliant....

But has he made any statement (as the head of the state) regarding the recent INSPECTION of JAIS on an NGO event held in a premise rented by DUMC? Or has he, as always...., still maintain his elegant silence?

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