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Melaka and the then Ali Rustam

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In 2003 just shortly after Dr Mahathir had retired I met a long time business associate who runs a department store chain that is listed on the KLSE.  He said, 'This is the end of the good times for Malaysia. We had a good leader and prosperity for 22 years. Now we are looking at an uncertain future'.
In 14 years Ali Rustam has put Malacca on the world map. In 2010 Malacca declared itself an OECD compliant state - Malacca has achieved Wawasan 2020 ten years ahead of time. You have to live in Malacca and do business in Malacca to know that this part of the country is different from the rest of Malaysia.
Malacca is super clean. One reason (among others) is that the trash collection teams in Malacca rebranded themselves from a long time ago. They did not 'kutip sampah'. Instead they 'mencari sampah'. A small twist of words but with huge implications. Meaning their street cleaning crews are mentally prepped to go out on 'search and destroy' missions to 'mencari sampah'. 
A friend who runs a successful hotel in Malacca said that all necessary licenses and approvals to open his hotel were obtained in 14 days. This is unheard of - even in Singapore, Tokyo or London. 
All this efficiency translates into money and economic growth. That is why Malacca is a mecca for Singaporeans and other Malaysians on weekends. If you have not been to Malacca please do drive down.  Well - you better do it fast because things are changing in Malacca.
For 14 years this man had been making you rich - super rich in Malacca. His plan was to build a deep water jetty to bring in Cruise Liners to Malacca. That will make Malacca even more wealthy. For 14 years Malacca has been on the rise. Then what do you do? You go and vote him out of office.  You killed the goose that laid your golden egg.  How stupid can you get?  

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