Saturday, May 5, 2012

MELAKA terus maju! No BER-SHIT

UPDATE 05/05/2012

Kita tunggu dan lihat, kepada siapa muka akan diberi oleh Pengerusi BN Nasional. Adakah kepada Pengerusi BN Negeri? MCA atau UMNO? DS Ali Rustam atau Datuk Kian Sit Har? Pengundi yang selama ini menyokong atau yang selama ini menentang? Yang duduk atas pagar.. ke mana lompatnya? Klik di SINI dan di SINI.


Previous posts concerning Melaka:-
To me, Melaka already way-off ahead, leaving Selangor behind.

Talking about "Sampah", we did not have any issue regarding garbage collection, be it household rubbish or garden waste (We lived in PJ). Those were the days. That time Selangor was under BN. Our household rubbish and garden waste collections were as per given schedule. No complaint then.

Then PAKATAN(?) PKR(?) took over Selangor. Well, we did not have any issue with household rubbish collection. But we remember one day we had to call Alam Flora to collect our garden waste since the waste was lying for quite some time infront of our house. We called Alam Flora's number, was attended promptly and courteously. We gave our address for them to come and collect the garden waste. We did not see the waste lying there anylonger the next day. Well.. good! Not really an issue to us.

But not too long ago, the same thing happened. Recalling our nice experience with Alam Flora, we called the same number. To our surprise, the guy who answered the phone informed us that the number was not Alam Flora's number. The guy was nice. He explained that it was no longer Alam Flora's number. He took our number and promised to have Alam Flora to call us.

True enough! A lady from Alam Flora explained that Alam Flora services had already being terminated by the Selangor government. She asked us to call up MBPJ (Majlis Bandaran PJ) on the garden waste collection.

Yep! We looked up the appropriate MBPJ's department/section from the official website and called up the number. We were told to call another number who, should be in charged of garbage collection. And then we were told that we should call another number which upon calling, again we were told that we should call the 'supervisor' of our area, where a mobile phone number was given.

We called the mobile. No answer. Called again. The same thing. Then we text the number. Couple hours later we got the text reply asking for our address. Only a few days later that our garden waste was collected.

When we told our neighbour our experience above, do you know what our neighbour told us?
"I just throw my garden waste (in garbage bag) out of the backyard. That way, they come and collect it faster since the main road is right outside."
Hmmm... so much for BERSIH.... BER-SHIT?

Anyway, back to Melaka.....

We think (the results are already showing!), Melaka will maju and terus maju because Melaka is very fortunate to have an outstanding leader, TEGAS dan BERANI! Firm and no fooling around, no lembik-lembik, no melutut minta maap punya!

Read myMETRO, ... HERE ..


Read this phrase before?
"The whole ground can be against me, but if I know it is right, I'll do it. That's the business of a leader"
Nope? Read it HERE.

Read what TUKANG DOK PEGHATI has to say HERE (Bravo DS Ali Rustam!!), HERE and HERE. A leader will be bold, firm and decisive to clear out the BARUAs.

Janganlah pula BIG BOSS minta DS Ali Rustam sarung balik TAMING SARI dan simpan dalam almari, pi mintak maap berkali-kali (kerana takut undi? sekalipun musuh/barua bebas menggodek dalam selimut? Mana tak lingkup! Jahanam negara kita nanti!)

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