Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While Bank Accounts Swell, Morality becomes Bankrupt

Received via email. (texts in blue are mine, added). How true this email is? Well, I don't know. Look around and answer that for yourself. I am still looking for that old piece on how they make 'fried kuay-teow', from old newspaper and 'sea-weed' from plastic materials. Yes! both sold to be eaten by human! And both, are china-made.

What the unscruplous and crooked people would go through just to make money !
 Subject: Worse than the Melamine Milk Scandal ?????

TOXIC Hairy Crabs, Eels, Turtles, Bean Sprouts, Farmed Fish - worse than the Melamine Milk Scandal Yale Professor Chan CM, in his lecture at Beida Univ about poisonous eels being sold in China and how widely the local eel farms are using hormones which remain in the human body sometimes for 7-8 yrs.

An Environmental Scientist whom he met at Suzhow told him "my relative who owns a bean sprouts farm said that because of the use of hormones, the sprouts normally take 5 days to be ready for sale are now ready in 1 day. Truckloads are sold to Canton and no one in his own village will eat the stuff they farmed. "

Hairy Crabs : Mostly from Jiangsu. Each year, the crabs became more affordable due to large harvest. They are bred using all kinds of toxins : hormones, antibiotics. From the baby crabs stage, the crabs are fed around 10 types of chemicals. In Fujian, they are worse, they feed female crabs with birth control hormones so that the mother crab will be plumb and ready.

24 hours after they were fetched, the crabs arrived at HK dinner table, but not before they were fed one last time with antibiotics so that they would stay healthy enroute. If you walk along the small streets in the Crab Farms, you will see many shops selling "Medicine for Crabs". There are at least 10 different kinds on their "menu".

Next Magazine Investigative Journalists took 12 Hairy Crabs for lab test. 11 of them have 土黴素 (sorry!  cannot read the characters). 6 have æ°¯é»´ç´ (sorry again!). All damaging to blood, and esp bad for pregnant women and foetuses.

If they tell you their crabs are fed organically (versus Chemically Fed), that means they are fed by decomposing carcases of dead cats, dogs, chicken. The dogs died from first being poisoned, or from diseases. The owner of the crab farm pulled from under a bed a dead carcass, deskin and dehaired it, waving a piece of the leg proudly pronouncing it as "organic feed" These dogs came from a private vendor that kills the dogs by poisonous gases. The dog died from chemical poisoning.

The investigative journalists from HK witnessed such display of "organic feeding" when the farmer tossed the dog carcass into the pond. They watched 2 crabs feeding on the decaying carcass.

The Fishery Dept showed that the most famous YC Lake for Hairy Crabs, at maximum can only produce 13,000 Class 1 Crabs. HK imported 13,000,000 crabs all claiming it's from YC Lake.

Jiang Su natural water engineer Mr Tong said the the whole of China claims that the hairy crabs they sell are from YC Lake. The only exception being those sold in Tibet, a desert.

Turtles, Snakes, are all fed by chemicals, as well as birth control hormones.

Toxin fed Crabs, snakes, eels, turtles, all fed for revenue, not forgetting fake milk powder, fish from fish farms, bean sprouts, fake soya sauce, fake seaweeds (where is that email I am looking ?), fake eggs ....... Color-enriched tomatoes, melon seeds, grapes...... all massive exploits to milk cash. (hmm.... why I am not surprised !)

Why is all that happening in China ?(again, any surprise?)

First: Greed.(look around you!)

Second: Lack of govt control. the govt cannot keep up with the sudden market demand, as the surging middle class have a lot more cash nowadays. (wonder why fakes, no quality standards and even hazardous to consumer products manage to make their ways here? Malaysia, an ever ready market for chinese products dumped by the USA and first world countries?)

3rd and most fundamental reason : This has led to the current problem of the maximization of profit at the cost of morality. (wow! any wonder ? Money, all the reason there is!)

4th: The lack of Family Values (as kids growing up, the only value is how to make money). The daily mantra is "Study hard to ultimately get rich."(sounds like our education system and In this god we trust!)

The adults feel that they have to make up for "lost" time when they were deprived under the Totalitarian regime when the govt kept what they harvested. While their bank accounts swell, they are morally bankrupt.

And closer to home. An email forwarded, copy-pasted below. 

An interesting letter to Tony Fernandez from a pax...... 

Subject: FW: AIR ASIA
NOV 9 — Dear Tony (if I may, or Dear Datuk Seri Tony Fernandez)

I have been meaning to write to you. I know you love getting notes from your AirAsia customers. You have a blog, several websites, wiki page and even Facebook, all for people to get in touch with you. I decided against writing you a direct email because I think what I have to say is widely shared by other people as well. So if you do reply to me, I can share your reply.

Let me congratulate you on your appointment as F1 boss and a trustee of 1 Malaysia Foundation. Second, congratulations on your titles after such a short career in aviation — I mean less than five years ago you were “call me Tony” then you became Datuk and now Datuk Seri. At the rate you are going, I suspect you will be Tan Sri by the end of next year!

The reason I am writing is because I keep reading how well your airline is doing— it’s making tons of money and ordering a massive number of Airbus planes. You have gone international with AA X, insurance, hotels and goodness what else!

Yet somehow I think you have lost your human touch and are now solely interested in making money, just like the blood-sucking Malaysian elite you joined recently. Yet you keep telling us, in your public interviews anyway, that making money is not your main aim but providing a “service” to the rakyat! How can we, the poor rakyat, not remember that before you descended from the mountain, we had to pay “sky high” prices just to fly. As you say, now “everyone can fly”. So, a big Terima Kasih from me and 28 million other Malaysians!

What I am talking about is your reluctance to use the passenger-bridge in all airports in Malaysia . You put the blame on MAHB’s high charges. I’m sure since yours is a volume business, MAHB will be happy to offer you a special deal since you must be their second biggest customer after MAS. I cannot believe that with the millions you are making, you cannot afford to use the bridge. Or if you are really desperate, I am sure you can add 50 sen to every ticket sold to cover part of the costs.
I say this because I took a flight recently from LCCT to East Malaysia . When we arrived, it was raining heavily. Several mothers with children, and old people, were reluctant to leave the plane. But alias, your crew literally pushed them off since they only have 25 minutes to fly out again. I felt so sorry for one of the old aunties who had to carry two bags (she was trying to save RM10 because of your no-free luggage policy) and there was no one from Air Asia to help her with an umbrella. One mummy with children fared even worse. She was carrying an infant and could not hold the umbrella properly. I asked one of the flight stewardesses to help her but she gave me a dirty look. I guess nobody wanted to be caught in a mini-typhoon. I tried my best my help her but she got soaked because the umbrella was designed for one person only.

I can go on and on, and described the scene at the staircase since we all had to walk up to the “arrival hall”. Let’s just say it was a heart-breaking scene. The old people had to climb up the stairs totally soaked, and I will not be surprised if they came down with pneumonia. One of the children slipped because the staircase was wet.

So, Tony, can you please show us your heart? Now that you travel first or business class, and no longer a member of the working class, can you just do this little favour for the rest of us? I am sure it can be counted as CSR and win you another award

Yours sincerely
James Chin
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