Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bastardest ! Hush Up Will You?

STOP ! STOP! Hit the brake! Step hard on it!!! Now!!!

Okay.. take a slow deep breath........ let it out now... slowly.....


Who were actually the target group of DEB? Were they not the Malays and the Bumiiputeras who are still way behind? Are they not?


Why are you "barking" demanding this and that ?! Are you the target group?

Why are you dumping DEB and replacing it with MEB? The objective of DEB has yet to be achieved, but are you apologising to those who are barking?  And you, the "liberals" too?

Let's see when they bark...

They bark and bark, saying that they have been victimised, discriminated, whatever. Look around. Who are living much more wealthier lives, by far and large? How many percentage of them "masih tak cukup makan, forget about receiving proper education" compare to the percentage of those in the DEB's target group?

They bark at the WHOLE Malay people (a little quiet on the Bumiputeras though) bashing the so-called "UMNOputeras" whom the average Malay people wanted to bash as well!!

They, including the product of "bastardized DEB" attack the "bastards" (but blaming the whole thing on DEB) who syphoned the country's wealth like nobody business. But why these "bastards" alone? What about those, the non-Malays, who took the opportunity to make even more millions and billions by colaborating with these "bastards"? Are they not even more "bastard"? Bastarder? Looks like those who cunningly forget and keeping quiet about these "bastarder" are the most "bastard"......,  the bastardest !! Everybody seems to forget the actual target group of DEB. How are they doing now? Are they okay? Who are they, again? 

Does MEB really address the original target group of DEB? MEB is really for them? Or does MEB looks more like making apologies to those who "bark"? Then why "gelabah" when confronted by Perkasa in the Kongres MPM?

DEB has not reached its objective, has it? Then why dump it? Why not instead modify it, retune it, improve it? Admittedly, there could be something not right during the course of implementing DEB, but there is hardly anything wrong with DEB itself.

Tun Razak was very far-sighted enough to had thouight of  DEB.

Tun Hussein had succesfully launched it.

At least Tun Mahathir had implemented it and managed to produce many doctors, engineers, etc including the CIMB top man, mainly out of the original DEB's target group. If not,  once upon a time Malaysia would have not become the fierce little tiger of Asia. And yes, it is still way behind the 30% objective.

After all those barkings, the "bartardests" attacking the "bastards" while seemingly keeping quiet on the "bastarders" and the "never ending apologising stance", has the original target group of DEB reached the 30% objective which necessitate the dumping of DEB? They are still way behind, are they not?

Look!! If we are all sincere enough, we all should help these "still way behind target group of  DEB" instead of barkings profusely bashing the whole Malay people, using the excuse of the bastards whom the Malays themselves want to strangle, if possible.

If we are true enough to our noble ideas, then we should do everything necessary to make good the DEB instead of apologising to the loud barkings. No wonder there is THIS call. There may be a reason to support it!

The fact still remains, even today. The Malays and the Bumiputeras are still way behind in their own soil.

Now Bastardest! Hush up on the Umnoputeras and bastards, will ya??!!

And this seemingly never ending apologising stance ought to end right now too!

"Semua nampaknya berpura-pura" - Dari Kacamata Melayu.


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