Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hypocrites Shouting For Meritocracy

DS Najib has said that chinese must vote for BN's partner to ensure continuation of chinese representation in the government. Very fair. Sarawak under Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud proves this 'meritocracy' in the last PRN Sarawak.

So no more of asking the malay voters to 'save' chinese candidate. No more putting chinese candidates in majority malay constituency. Pulau Pinang before DAP should then, have an UMNO Chief Minister. You want meritocracy, you've got it!

Don't be a hypocrite! Everybody demands it! Not just you, shouting for meritocracy only when YOU THINK you are being discriminated.
It's much like most people's complaints about the so-called UmnoPuteras, who get contracts, scholarships, positions, etc without earning them. Meritocracy. Everybody demands it.

So how long have you been using this crutch of "Tongkat Bahasa"? Even after more than 50 years of independence still cannot speak Bahasa Melayu properly? Are you really a Malaysian? Siapa Orang Malaysia tu?

In this country called Malaysia, the MOTHER of all meritocracy is this:-
  1. Rukun Negara
  2. The Federal Constitution
You embrace these two, not just only by your loud mouth, but you embrace them with your heart and soul as well! Do you speak Bahasa Melayu for a start?

You BECOME MALAYSIAN first, then you earn the FIRST COMPULSORY MERIT, to continue living in this country. Then only you can talk about all other merits of BEING A MALAYSIAN. After that, then only the Malays & Bumiputera can consider having and voting a chinese candidate in a majority Malay/Bumiputera constituency. Then only the Malay/Bumiputera can "tolerate & accept" a chinese Chief Minister in Pulau Pinang when majority seats were won by UMNO, not Gerakan or MCA.

Because they recognise you need a "Tongkat" in this respect and they can respect that as long as you embrace the Rukun Negara & Federal Constitution, recognising, for example, Article 153 of the Constitution, respecting that some Malay/Bumiputera need helps in scholarship etc. And this is even spelt out in the Constitution, unlike the chinese candidate in the majority Malay/Bumiputera constituency. That is only "Semangat Setiakawan" not a rule of law, like the Article 153 of the Constitution.

So dont be a sore hypocrite shouting meritocracy in this country when you still have not earned your merit as MALAYSIAN. The very first merit to be earned in order for your voice to have merit as Malaysian, talking about Malaysia, in this land called Malaysia. Foreigners cannot demand for a Malaysian privilege in this country.

Is it meritocracy or is it CINATOCRASY you are shouting, really?

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