Monday, May 9, 2011

Between Nation Builders & Mere Politicians

So... what happen after we heard the news... "Putrajaya is to study a proposal for a standardised school system dubbed “1School” which is set to re-ignite debate over the necessity of vernacular schools, similar to the arguments when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad initiated the Vision School to enhance unity..." ??

Anyone heard anything more ? Or we are still drowned with "Anwar's Sex Videos" while the DAP is taking the advantage of fellow christians to divide the country even more? DAP has been dividing this country along the racial line for so long. And now, with the weak government, DAP has the courage to fire up the religious sentiments among Malaysians. Another "kaldai tunggangan" is added to DAP's agenda.

I first heard the news from DINTURTLE, next was the KEMPEN SSS and followed by JUST MY THOUGHTS , THE UNSPINNERS and REPUBLIC OF MALAYA.

The news also caught the attention of WARTAWAN RASMI LAMAN REFORMASI, just a simple new reporting. But read this from a member of Parlimen of PAS. "Very intelligent" arguments from PAS huh? Ever wonder the label "Lembu Dungu"?

This one by RIGHTS2WRITE generated a lot of discussions.

Apart from those listed above, is there any other blog discussing this "news from Putrajaya"? I think bloggers are drowning too deep in Anwar's Video Sex when Anwar was about to be checkmated by the DNA findings in the Sodomy II Trial.

Anyways, when I first heard of "Putrajaya", I thought it was DS Najib, the PM. 


It was not the Menteri Pelajaran either.

It was the Youth Development Lab in the Ministry of Youth and Sports who has recommended the establishment of a standardised school system called “1School” to promote unity and diversity. Beside Dato' Mukhriz, I do not hear anyone else from the gomen talking about this.

Had DS Najib positively talked about "One School", then that is indeed a news. That is indeed a very good news for nation building. But any news regarding vernacular system from DS Najib is a not a news. We all know it and very well aware about it, I guess. It is just a mere politician talking, not for nation building but more or less, for getting chinese votes.

No reason to jump for joy yet. The journey of Kempen SSS toward One School is indeed a long and perilous one, especially with the presence of Bapak Vernakular.
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