Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It’s a confused nation we live in... (India vs Malaysia)

India is where a policeman kills a leopard that is actually attacking a villager, and instead of being felicitated he is booked for the crime of saving a human being at the insistence of some Wildlife Organisations.

Malaysia is where PDRM serves "beryani gam" to rioters instead of shoving them to serve one night in jail for creating unrests at the insistence of some (unlawful & some registered) organisations.

India is where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and SIM Card is free... 

Malaysia is where ordinary citizen gets a high interest but small housing loan to own a house which housing project later got abandoned and VIP gets an easy, soft but VERY high loan to start cows breeding project which project progress trails miserably behind super luxurious condo purchase.

India is where a pizza you have ordered reaches home faster than an ambulance or police, even if you were being murdered or having a heart attack 

Malaysia is where  the laws such as ISA, EO, OSA will get abolished faster than nation unrests when certain quarters violate the Rukun and Perlembagaan Negara.   

India is where a millionaire buys a cricket team, spending crores instead of donating the money to any charity. Where two IPL teams were auctioned at 3300 crores, yet still a poor country where people starve for two square meals per day. 

Malaysia is where  an ailing national air carrier merrily sponsors a low ranking English soccer team instead of minding the well-being of its sorry-state financial status.

India is where everybody wants to be famous, not by doing good for others, but by looting others and finally getting their names in the newspapers through some scam or other!

Malaysia is where the same can be observed too. May not be everybody but limited to the "4th Floor Boys" and "geng-geng yang sewaktu dengannya".

(Pemilihan "PERWAKILAN" juga termasuk pemilihan ketua-ketua GLC, para direktor dan lain-lain)

India is where...
 and Malaysia is where the roof of a stadium collapsed in faster time than its drawing board planning stage?

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