Monday, November 7, 2011

Kapitalisma - Mengejar Tuhan "A"

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An extract about "Money God":-
First: Greed.(look around you!)

Second: Lack of govt control. the govt cannot keep up with the sudden market demand, as the surging middle class have a lot more cash nowadays. (wonder why fakes, no quality standards and even hazardous to consumer products manage to make their ways here? Malaysia, an ever ready market for chinese products dumped by the USA and first world countries?)

3rd and most fundamental reason : This has led to the current problem of the maximization of profit at the cost of morality. (wow! any wonder ? Money, all the reason there is!)

4th: The lack of Family Values (as kids growing up, the only value is how to make money). The daily mantra is "Study hard to ultimately get rich."(sounds like our education system and  In this god we trust!)

The adults feel that they have to make up for "lost" time when they were deprived under the Totalitarian regime when the govt kept what they harvested. While their bank accounts swell, they are morally bankrupt.
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While Bank Accounts Swell, Morality becomes Bankrupt

and a beautiful poem, another extract:-
Di manakah telah kita lemparkan adab sopan, budaya murni? Ada sesiapa tahu tak makna "spirituality" dewasa ini? Sesuatu yang menarik, saya petik dari laman BEHIND THE VEIL:-
Someone says,
"I can't help feeding my family.
I have to work so hard to earn a living."
He can do without God,
but not without food;
he can do without Religion,
but not without idols.
Where is one who'll say,
"If I eat bread without awareness of God,
I will choke.
(Baca artikel sepenuhnya DI SINI)

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Mengejar Tuhan "A" 


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