Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MEB - "Punahsihat" Dok Tingkat Mana Pula?

"...if the government is serious about income distribution, impose a moratorium on the big players- Berjayas YTLs, SP Setias, and all others..."

HIDUP TUAH! seperti sudah menjawab:-
"...I took the opportunity to ask one of the PEMANDU officers about this burning issue. He admitted that specific instruction was to focus on GROWTH; distribution is NOT in the agenda...."

Since distribution (income) is not in the agenda, but growth is, then SAKMONGKOL AK47 can expect there will be no moratorium (a suspension of activity) imposed on big players in this MEB.

HIDUP TUAH! further wrote:-
"...It means NKEA’s outputs are indeed in pursuance of NEM’s original subtle and cruel stand of anti-NEP. It did not even fully honour its own Principle of Inclusiveness and refused to subscribe to what is crafted in the 4th Chapter of 10th MP (Towards Inclusive Socio-Economic Development)..." - (MEB Bakal Menghancurkan Melayu Secara Sistematik)
Bila bertanyakan kepada orang yang lebih arif pasal ekonomi mengenai "growth and big players", "income distribution dan agenda orang Melayu & Bumiputera yang belum selesai", serta "NEP"; beliau memberi pendapat:-
"... from what I have read, the plan is a major development focusing on infra and construction sector. On education or building human resource capacity, I still do not see much. On the SMI or the Bumiputera sector nothing specific.  One thing for sure if they are already talking about funding then projects are already secured. What ever this thing is, it is not economic model perse. Just a bunch of projects being put together. I see a bubble being built with no clear direction for the economy. Bond market will be the first to be hit with massive supply of instruments. Then our long term savings or pensions like EPF will get hit..."
Pendapat ini nampaknya selari dengan apa yang telah ditulis oleh SAKMONGKOL AK47 dan HIDUP TUAH!

"A bunch of projects being put together ????"

"Big players", "jenkaut" (jentera pengaut) dan "mega projects" lagi? Makin keterbelakanglah lagi orang Melayu dan Bumiputera. Ini kerja-kerja "con"-sultant tingkat mana pulak ni? Ada lagi kat tingkat 4 tu?

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