Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh My God! They Are Still In Denial!

First, I am not a member of any political party.

and second, I admit that I have not seen any capable party to lead this country, other than UMNO.


that was then...

It has been quite a while that I am having this second thought and I am searching for the next "suitor"...

I am still searching or rather waiting till now ...!!

No... you must be joking if the suitor was DAP.

and no, not PKR too. Let's not talk too much about it.. No! Not DS Anwar Ibrahim! Let me just stop there.

and of course, next is non other than PAS ! Again, I dont want to talk much about it too. Let me just give PAS a pass.

So..what have I got left in PRU? Perhaps a nice cosy blanket to continue my dreams if given a holiday on election day.

But wait a minute, will there be a sound independent contesting in my area? I'll be on the look out...!!

UMNO ! Wake UP !!!

You are no longer a political party that can take care or fight for the Malays even though your UM means UNITED MALAY. You no longer have the UMmmmpphhh..!!! and the Malays are saying NO to you already!

You are unbelievable!!! You no longer have what it takes to fight for the Malays, yet you become jealous and resort to sabotaging when Pribumi Perkasa takes over to defend the Malays. Whaddaaa  %$#%@!!! Unbelievable!!! Truly unbelievable.

I dont want to mention certain individuals in UMNO. No need! It is an open secret! Terang lagi bersuluh! They are in there still! Yes! In UMNO! In the cabinet! So what are you doing about it? Nothing!!! woaaa!!! can anybody believe that after this so long?!

Can I then suggest this?

Every sound and patrotic politicians in UMNO, PAS and PKR and Independents too!!, I mean Malay politicians. Please leave your respective party and work it out together with Pribumi Perkasa. Do something! Please give me a choice on election day. And I am not alone in this, I believe.

Let UMNO, PAS and PKR keep their whatever @#$%!*# men and women with them and let them all sink to the bottom! Just dont let them drag this country together with them!

And why just the MALAYS?
  1. The Malays have not been truly represented by PAS or PKR. Now UMNO is in the boat too! The Malays need a political party!
  2. I need the majority (In Semenanjung, they are the Malays) to be stable, strong and happy! Any attempt to stir them is a very unwise move!
How could anyone, especially the minorities expect to live in peace, harmony and happy for most of the time when the majority is not calm, agitated, restless and whats not? This is not that hard to understand, is it? Then why can't you the shit stirrers understand this?!

UMNO! You can still do wonders even though it is late already. But I am not going to wait! It is between you, the instant wonder, or  my cosy blanket (if the patriots in UMNO, PAS and PKR could not come up with something together with the Pribumi Perkasa)

Now you UMNO's bigshots,  READ THIS !!!!

1-Malaysia Side Dish : Ahmad Maslan, care for a plate of rojak with Ibrahim Ali ?

I've picked up an article by Pribumi Perkasa (HERE) and wrote a line, as below, in my other blog, LISTED!!! :-
Adakah hanya Ibrahim seorang yang tidak faham konsep 1-Malaysia? Ataupun, Ahmad Maslan masih belum bangkit dari tidor? 

Here, I'd like to share what BigDog have written in his blog, "1 Malaysia: All about food?."
...’1 Malaysia’ in their minds is all about how the enjoy foods from the different ethnic groupings  from their origin and background...Nothing else....
...There was no direct mention about living together, working together and respecting each others’ borders and turf. Most of all, no mention about moving Malaysia forward....
...These are the future of our nation. These are the generation who are supposed to embrace ’1 Malaysia’, as the new way forward of Malaysia and how Malaysians in the future will behave. Obviously their understanding and interpretation of ’1 Malaysia’ is not in tandem with what it is expected to be....
...No wonder Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that everyone interpreted ’1 Malaysia’ differently. No uniformity...

So Ahmad Maslan, care for another plate of rojak? Or time for you to go bed again? Or are you still in denial?

but how are people going to understand the concept when they dont have common language to communicate? and they go to different schools, not SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA? Forget acceptance and tolerance, too far fetched, when everybody prefer to speak their own mother tongues and the government is promoting the official language of a foreign country. All these are on top and upfront against Bahasa Melayu, the bahasa kebangsaan of Malaysia. It is stipulated in the Constitution and Language Act, is it not?

OH MY GOD !!!....

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