Friday, September 17, 2010

Subtle Racism - Who is Racist?

I'd like to quote some of the paragraphs which have been written by SAKMONGKOL AK47 ("Dato Sak") in his blog entry entitled, "Tackling racism in Malaysia". He wrote that racism is extensive and it exists openly and subtly. It is alive and pervasive in our society. Yes, agreed with him that it is extensive, which can mean that many or even majority of us, Malaysians, are racists and at many times hurl racist remarks against one another.

Those who do it openly are just being very blunt and straight forward about it. At least they are honest about it. They will get almost instant, continuos attacks until something appears to be done to punish them. What is interesting to me is that, the ones who attack the loudest, seem to be the ones who are practising racism as well. Just that, they are very cunning and doing it subtly. One of their strategies to hide racism they themselves practised under the skin of the so-appear-to-be the heroes of war against racism. Very cunning and deceitful isn't it?

Dato Sak wrote that since we cannot purge our "Malay"ness, Chinese"ness" and "Indian"ness in ourselves then perhaps explicit law like only political parties which resemble 60% Malays, 30% Chinese and 10% Indian and other are allowed to contest in general election, should be drawn up. Why not? Since all of us including the government are not so serious about BANGSA MALAYSIA (what is this BANGSA MALAYSIA ??), then we can have that kind of law practically in everything we do here in Malaysia. We can go on and on claiming that the Malays are the Tuan Tanah, the Chinese and Indians can balik tongsang since they love their mother tongues and everything else of their mothers' lands so much. We are not BANGSA MALAYSIA, so why complain? When practically every nations on earth have and very proud of BANGSA of their own, we the so called Malaysians don't even have a BANGSA  to be properly identified with our own nation. We will keep on coining that phrase which seems to make us "one proud identity-less bangsa", that is "Malaysia Truly Asia". We (including the PM and his cabinet) even dismissed to start it at the early stage by fighting tooth and nails for vernacular schools instead of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua. What a joke!

Read these by Dato Sak (emphasized are mine) :-
"Racism is simply unqualified hatred of one race on another based on skin colour, language, religion, physical appearance and so forth. Racism takes place when one race views another as genetically inferior and having less human attributes. Hence when someone says, Malays are inherently lazy because of genetic reasons and because of that not qualified to participate in commerce, be senior executives and so forth, that is racism. When someone says, the other is a lazy bump and hasn't got good work ethics because he is Malay that is racism. When someone says, TNB is tiu na bu because the workers there are mostly Malays, that is racism."
Because you are a Malay, is it?
"As Malays dominate in public institutions, whatever actions these institutions take, are taken as representing the latent racism of Malays that operate at personal levels."
How subtly done!
"When siti Inshah Mansor abused non Malays because of their ethnic background, that is racism. But what if Siti Inshah Mansor was verbally abusive because the students were vandals or were gangster-like, can she be classified as racist? Her choice of words were unfortunate but were her actions prompted by the students' different racial background? "
Cause and effect. Who starts the ball rolling?

There are so much talk about the concept of meritocracy, suitability, capabilities, efficiency and so forth. But what is behind it? The talks are so grand-sounded that they got some of the Malays become ashamed of themselves and quickly declare themselves as liberals. In joining the racists under disguised, the so-called Malay liberals shouted, "Throw away the tongkats". Of course they shouted this when they had already taken full advantage of the tongkats and no longer have such needs, much to the despise of the real and true Pejuang Melayu.

How often you hear something like these?:-
"The capable Malay is often bypassed in terms of promotion in Chinese owned companies. Malays are suited to PR work only, arranging end of year dinner parties, soliciting GROs for the boss, ordering RM 3000 a bowl shark's fin soup for the taikor, organizing sporting activities etc. The technical stuff?- that's off limits. "
"...because of commercial dictates we want Mandarin or Cantonese speaking candidates..."
"...Oh, the Malays are disqualified because they don't have good work ethics..." as if the work requirement in the relevant fields require a qualfication in rocket science.
And in business field:-
"Accessibility to supply sources is often restrictive to Malay businessmen. The retailing and wholesale businesses are practically off limits to Malays. Having dominance in these areas, surrendering accessibility is almost unheard of. In other words, business policies define Malays as inferior people and therefore discriminated against."
Take a look again how subtle the racists are practising racism:-
"...TNB is lambasted and verbally abused and assaulted not because its manned by Malays but because it is inefficient. See how clever the racism is disguised under the concept of efficiency..." 
"...Because the test is to look at the non Malays who are chosen to perform the tasks which are said to require meritocratic qualifications. A Chinese is equally inept at speaking and writing in English, he is equally lazy, equally mediocre in certain areas but because, the shots are made by non Malay bosses, the Chinese will get the job..."
And if it were them, the one being accussed of racism - what will happen?
"...While the racism of the Malay appeared to be an accepted fact, mere mention of the possibility that a Chinese can be a racist too, unearth vehement protests. To me, the Chinese is equally capable of self denial as do the Malays. So don't come down on us with all those patronizing clich├ęs of what gives…your caliber is skin deep and so forth. Spare us the nausea please. Perhaps its your own racism that prevents you from acknowledging your own prejudices..."
And the examples (again the emphasize are mine):-
"Have anyone given a thought as to why the majority of maid abuse cases involved Chinese families against Indonesian maids? Could it be that the Indonesian maids are looked upon as the Malay species and therefore subhuman and inferior? They are fit to eat with dogs, eat leftovers etc. And that all the cruelty and abuses imposed on them are but vengeance by the Chinese on Malays to compensate for their own perceived racist victimization?..."(Read "Maids and Mad Dogs" in this blog article" by Kijang Mas - Deminegara)
"...When Namewe asks didn't you read, who made Malaysia rich can be translated into we Malays owe the Chinese a living. That is precisely the basis of the behavior which Namewee exhibited when he hurled all the abusive and expletives on the TNB workers in Muar. Banana sucking Malays are just peons, security guards whose primary function is to slave it out so that people like Namewee will not experience blackouts. Malays are fit to be jagas, security guards policemen and soldiers ensuring this country is safe so that people like Namewee can make this country rich. What gave people like Namewee the right to speak in such arrogant manner to salary earning workers? ..."
"...Because you banana sucking Malays owe us a living, we have the right to speak to you, to speak down on you in whatever way we desire. We can tiu kau or tiu nia bu you and there is nothing you can do about it. Would Namewee behaved the same way, if the TNB officers were Chinese?..."
So who exactly (Don't miss Conversation With Robin and Lu Tau Wa Pun Tau) are you calling the Malays racist? The Chinese who are themselves racist?

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