Thursday, September 2, 2010

NEM's Lethal Dose - The More Derserving Is Getting Less !

Talking about access to higher education.

But before that, let me paste this image below, obtained from SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA merdeka's message.

Now let's talk about access to higher education.

I'd like to re-quote Tun Dr Mahathir's paragraphs, which I have earlier quoted at my other blog, HERE (...LISTED!!!)
"...In education whereas there is about 60% bumiputera in the Government universities, there are less than 10% in the private universities. And there are more private universities, university colleges and colleges than there are public (Government) universities. Even the 10% bumiputera are there because of scholarships by MARA. Take the scholarships away and there would be practically none.

Why is it that the focus is only on what is done by the Government? If the bumiputera in Government universities should be reduced, then the bumiputera in the private universities should be increased. Or else meritocracy would reduce the number of bumiputeras getting university education. Or is it the intention to deny bumiputeras higher education? ..."

Government decided to allow for private colleges and universities to be set up. They can twin with recognised foreign universities and should issue their diplomas and degrees. The reason for allowing private institutions of higher learning is to reduce cost of tertiary education so that the parents who could not afford to send their children abroad can have access to foreign qualification from local private institutions. You can guess who are the beneficiaries of this Government policy..."
** The underlined above are my editings. The full text of the above can be read, HERE.

From Tun Dr. Mahathir's above, we can see that:-
  • There are less Bumiputeras having access to higher education since private education institutions  outnumbered the Government's instutions. There are much less than 10% Bumiputera's enrollment in these private institutions. Had it not because of MARA's scholarship, the enrollment of Bumiputera in these private institutions would practically become NIL.
  • Denying more Bumiputera from having access to higher education is true when places in public (government) education institutions for Bumiputera are reduced in order to allow more spaces to the non-Bumiputera; while at the same time, without scholarship, the Bumiputera can only dream to enrol in private institutions. And with the replacement of NEP by NEM, the Bumiputera will be further "condemned". HIDUP TUAH! said in his blog, "...analogous to the result of a surgical operation: the operation (NEM) succeeded but the patient (Malays) died!..." The Bumiputera/Malays, not only being systematically denied of more access to higher educations by having to give up the places in public education institutions, but also being are being systematically injected with lethal dose of NEM
  •  It looks like the non-Bumiputera has been enjoying MORE "scholarships" than the Bumiputera when the education funds (or rather cost discounts) are given out  indirectly. This is when Government's policy allows the setting up of many private institutions with twinning programs, allowing a lower cost of educations since students need not go overseas to further their studies. And it needs no further saying when Tun Dr Mahathir wrote, "...guess who are the beneficiaries of this Government policy...

This blogger feels the need to amplify what Tun Dr. Mahathir had written above after having read the blog entry by satD of Pure Shiite, "Scholarships for UEC??? More Chinese Voter Goodies", a HISTORIC move by the current government. When SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA calls for the liberalisation of education system, to be free from anti-national elements, the current government under DS Najib's administration continues to support the national elements of The People's Republic of Communist China in this very country called Malaysia. In few other respects including this, Ahmad Maslan should have called many others instead of  Ibrahim Ali alone, to read the small book of 1-Malaysia concept.

    In the Merdeka message by SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA, they wrote:-
    "...Kalaulah bahasa penghantar sudahpun mengagungkan bahasa Negara Cina Komunis, apa lagi aspek-aspek lain dalam pendidikan sekolah vernakular tersebut? Setidak-tidaknya, mereka membelakangi penggunaaan Bahasa Kebangsaan yang sedia termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan Akta Bahasa. Ini boleh dikategorikan sebagai bersifat anti-nasional..."
    Go HERE to read their Merdeka's message and to learn how the campaign movement started.

    This blogger cannot understand DS Najib:-
    • He said he took political risk, when he was the Minister of Education before, in defending vernacular schools and at one time claimed that BN was a "sahabat sejati pendidikan sekolah cina". Wonder whether UMNO and MIC would claim the same, or DS Najib only spoke in his personal capacity, rather than BN's chairman. The great affection DS Najib seems to have toward vernacular schools has earned him an unofficial title of "Bapak Vernakular"
    • DS Najib's NEM is infact a lethal dose which finally will kill the Malays as pointed out by Hidup Tuah! Datuk Ibrahim Ali of Pribumi Perkasa had said it to DS Najib's face, "Melayu Sudah Tolak MEB". Does DS Najib still want to maintain his apologetic stance and finally become the enemy of the Malays and Bumiputera? Did DS Najib ever learn?

    It is perplexing to note that DS Najib continues to "romanticise" a particular minority, but loud-mouth group while keep "hurting" the majority, but more patient group. To achieve what? votes? Looks like DS Najib is not going to inject NEM's lethal dose to the Malays and Bumiputera alone, but also to himself !!! This country is being ruined !!!

    It is a wonder whether DS Najib is able to see anything below the surface when he embarks into a certain policy. Does he even see the surface himself, or someone else like his advisors, made him 'see' the surface of things? Let alone things under the surface. DS Najib definitely fails and not very far-sighted (does he even has a sight at all?) in this respect.

    Given the above circumstances, this blogger finds that there is a firm basis to support the call for REVOLUTION, first mentioned, HERE, by Kijang Mas of Demi Negara and subsequently called for, HERE
    "Folks, we need a revolution. No, not of the French or Russian or Romanian kinds, but a revolution within our inner selves, and collectively as a society, as members of the real Anak Bangsa Malaysia"

    Come ! Let us all support this call for Kijang Mas of Demi Negara!

    Support the call for
    INNER    R E V O L U T I O N . . . ! ! !

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