Monday, September 19, 2011

Bold & Courageous? Really?

Now that DS Najib has been very bold and courageous  in making announcement to repeal the ever much talked about ISA (and also the Emergency Ordinance), will DS Najib be the same bold and courageous man to announce decisive and effective steps to uphold the Perkara 152 of the Federal Constitution along with the National Language Act?

Afterall, this is MALAYsia and Bahasa Melayu is one of the key items in defining what MALAYsia is.

Likewise, will DS Najib be the same bold and courageous man to "rescue" our education system back to the truly national education system, as has been described by the KEMPEN SSS Memorandum, HERE?  



the above TWO issues are seen as threat to DS Najib's political survival vis-a-vis the "dream" votes from a section of pseudo-Malaysians community, ..... therefore DS Najib will be as "DS Najib like we have always come to know" when these two issues cropped up now and then?

p/s : and BIG DOG talks about the certain personalities........ another main concern of the rakyats toward the well-being of our KHAZANAH i.e. duit rakyats.....
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