Tuesday, September 27, 2011

INDIAN water by CHINESE's reactions - Khusus untuk PSEUDO Malaysians

A buddy who lives overseas sent me the link, "Filthy India Photos, Chinese Netizen Reactions". Thank you for sharing buddy! Haven't been to India .... intend to.... but...

There are over 100 of images over there. Click the above link if you are interested, but be warned that some of the images are graphic! Here are some random images picked from the link (and be warned too before scrolling down!).

Right down at the end this entry, are the first, middle and the last comments from the forum readers....

Note from Fauna: The following post and collection of photographs spread on the Chinese internet in 2008.
At the river side lighting the fire for cremation.

Ganges River morning bathing, how can this water be used for brushing teeth?

Bodies abandoned at the Ganges River.

Not only do [they] wash and bathe in the Ganges River where rotting corpses float about, [they] also drink from it.

Steps on the river shore with floating corpses. Can you tell how many rotting corpses are in the water?

The tour guide said that this kind of fish in the Ganges is called “Gulang” fish, a very nice sounding name…and it is said the flavor is very good

Suddenly encountering some familiar faces, [I] was surprised…deeply admiring the guy who entered the water to his waist…BH [biao han, daring] to the extreme….

Not enough money to buy [enough] firewood, those two feet will not be able to burn away, so it looks like they can only be discarded into the Ganges River…the people baptizing [in the Ganges], will they be so daring as to find a foot…?

Comments from the forum readers:-

First One


 Somewhere in the middle (comments) kingdom

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 The last comment (at the time of publishing)

(THEY HAVE NO CHOICE - unlike some Chinese and Indians, who live in Malaysia -  PSEUDO Malaysians)

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