Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arab Folklore..

The story of a bedouin and his faithful camel

In their long arduous journey through the desert, the bedouin and his camel decided to make a stop for the night at an oasis.

It was a cold night and the bedouin built a nice warm fire in his tent while his camel is tied outside his tent. After some time the camel pop his head into the tent and spoke, "Please Master, can I put my head in this warm tent so that my brain will not get frozen for me to remain alert for the journey tomorrow".

The bedouin was so concern about his camel well being and touch by his plea, thought... why not since there's enough room in the tent and it's for his own good that he ensure his camel is fit to travel the next day.

An hour later, the camel woke up the bedouin and said "Master, can I put my neck in the tent to keep it warm before it get stiff and not good for me".

Of course the bedouin being a caring master again consented to the new plea.

Again an hour later, the camel woke up the bedouin and said, "Master, can I put my hump in the tent so that it can remain warm for you to sit on in our journey tomorrow".

Of course the bedouin was touch and consente to said request.
To cut the story short... the camel now sleep in the warm tent and the poor bedouin stay outside!!!

And in Melayu case, and the MAS/AirAsia case ....... 

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