Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Putrajaya

Our Putrajaya made it No. 8, on The World Geography list of  "Top 9 Strange Streets In The World":-
  1. Shortest Street in the World , Ebenezer Place – Scotland
  2. The Narrowest Street in the World (Spreuerhofstraße) – Germany
  3. Most Complicated Interchange in US, Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange – Los Angeles, USA
  4. Most Crooked Street in US, Lombard St – San Francisco, USA
  5. The Steepest Street in the World, Baldwin Street – New Zealand
  6. Widest Street in the World, 9 De Julio – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  7. Longest Street in the World, Yonge St – Ontario, Canada
  8. Largest Roundabout in the World, Putrajaya – Malaysia
  9. Most Confusing Roundabout in the World, Magic Roundabout – Swindon, UK 

World's Largest Roundabout (Putrajaya - Malaysia) Putrajaya is in the south of Kuala Lumpur. It is a new political center, the loop length of it is 3.4 km. The roundabout is situated around a beautiful hill and green parks.

Read more about the other eight strange streets, HERE.

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