Friday, February 3, 2012

Selangor Ku Sayang

Wellness Centres - "Selangor Ku Sayang" Exco's Helpline...

Kring..!! Kringgg!!!... Kring..!! Kringgg..!!

Welcome to the "Selangor Ku Sayang" Exco's helpline, Government of Selangor.
  • Press 1 for the newest establishment of rumah uruts.
  • Press 2 to listen to the Perumahan Exco pre-recorded message, justifying the establishment of rumah uruts.
  • Press 3 to hear the Menteri Besar's pre-recorded claims to condemn the rumah uruts and his assurance to take strong action against the unlicensed  operators (only)  of rumah uruts.
  • Press 4 to know whether anybody claimed responsibility for the moral decay in "Selangor Ku Sayang".
  • Press 5 to hear pre-recorded claim of the Biskop of Shah Alam blaming UMNO/Federal Government for allowing rumah uruts to mushroom all over "Selangor Ku Sayang".
  • Press 6 to know whether any china dolls and their VIP client have been arrested by "mistake"; please be assured that "Selangor Ku Sayang" would give the dolls 3-star treatment while the Federal Government would give the VIP a 5-star treatment.
  • Press 7 to hear the speeches from the Bar Council and concerned NGOs fighting for freedom of expressions and the liberalisation of lesbian-gay-transgender-bisexual movements, including the right to have no religion, as such, seeking the First Pillar of Rukun Negara to be labelled as "lapuk" and thereby abolished. 
  • Press 8 if you want.. Najee to visit the always "poor" vernacular schools in the cities and pekans areas.
  • Press 9 if your relatives have become addictive patrons of the rumah uruts in Kelantan too (forget Penang... already gone case - this pre-recorded message will be updated soon for Kedah)
If you were severely affected by the moral decay and still wearing your serbans, crosses, amulets etc., then press your own neck for bringing in this "sexy" and anti national state government to power. 

Thank you for calling. May God bless and protect you during the remaining term of this "Selangor Ku Sayang" government. (Don't forget to mind your own household garbage while we continue to argue with Alam Flora)

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