Sunday, November 21, 2010

Email Sharing - Speaking English, 2nd Language

CHINA Southern Airlines Announcement ..
Pre-take off announcement on a China Southern Airlines Flight. 

A true account of what was heard on a recent flight from Shenzhen to Qingtao .

Chinese Air Stewardess:
(credit : chinapost)
'Good afternoon, Ladies and the German.
This is your cheap purser Wang Lui speaking.
On behalf of China Sudden Airlines, I would like to waycome you on board our Bowling 737 fom Shenzhen to Qingtao.
Members of my kew speak Chinese and other languages that you do not know.
It is a great pressure serving you to-die.
Should you need any resistance during the fright, peace do pest the call button.
I and my gals are available to make you feel comfortable.
Meanwhile, the airkwaft is going to fry.
Peace sit upright and keep you belt tightly fastened until dinner is served at five dirty p.m..
Hope you would enjoy your fright with us. Sank you.' (thank you)

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