Monday, November 29, 2010

Ketuanan Melayu

I have an article posted about a year ago at my other blog regarding "Ketuanan Melayu":-

Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu)

I feel that the phrase "Ketuanan Melayu" today has been smeared so bad by certain quarters, led by politicians, that even some of the Orang Melayu themselves become ashamed of themselves (Melayu?). To me, it is just another political game they play to wrest political power from those who are now holding such power.

It looks like, that they want to "defeat" their political opponent, but in the process, Orang Melayu, whether or not they are apolitical, have also been dragged down so "filthily" as well. It even escalates in such way that opportunities are being grabbed by certain section of the communities who seem embarking onto denying the rights and originality of  Orang Melayu as the earliest established settlers of this region.

Today, I have come across an article posted by BIGDOG, regarding an email pertaining to this topic which I like to re-publish here under. (Credits to the email writer and BIG DOG). Red font and underline are mine.

(1)”Ketuanan Melayu” was a ‘slogan’ used by our forefather was to remind and unite the Malays with the highest justification of covenant. 
(2) The justification of Ketuanan Melayu becomes the ‘right‘ when it further stipulates and enshrines in our constitution. 
(3) Ketuanan Melayu was not just plucked out from the heavenly sky but had demonstrated in the historical evolution of our nation.
(4) Prior to the coming of the invaders Persekutuan Tanah Melayu existed. It had the sovereign Sultanate of Malay kingdoms whose Governments representing their territories. It came with the order of hierarchy governing with stipulated laws and principles.
(5) It developed the social, economic, cultural orders with strong and institutionalized fundamental values of Islam. Above all, the Malays norms practicing in the customary laws strengthen the ‘right' that the Malays and the Bumiputra are the ‘Tuan’ of their Tanah Melayu. Unfortunately, the slogan is understood by some as ‘Tuan and servant’ relationship. 
(6) We were invaded by the Dutch, the Portuguese than the East Indian Company, later British colonial masters for more than 500 hundred years. At the same time, the exodus of non Malays organized by the Colonial rulers arrived to stay for serving and feeding the Colonial industrial revolution. They were not welcome.  
(7) Our forefathers knew that the Malays should not be like the native Indians of America. The natives Indians were alienated by the white Americans Colonialists. As the result of the political and military power of the Whites, the natives lost their territories and culture. Today the native Indians ended living in a small-arid constructed reservation land reserved by the White Government. Engaging that, the Malay’s importance prevails in the articles 152 and 153 signature the Malay position. Besides the ‘right’ of others are rightly respected and guarded due to our tolerance and acceptance.
(8) Denouncing ‘ketuanan Melayu‘ is no crime and politicizing it, is a human crime to the Bangsa Melayu and its existence throughout the evolution of our Malay history and good values of Islam.

(9) We should not be apologetic in propagating the slogan of Ketuanan Melayu nor it is taken as the sign of Malay weaknesses. We must prescribe the notion and the spirit of ‘KetuananMelayu‘ for us to move forward for the order of change and achieving progress with dignity in all areas. We have a CAUSE and our CAUSE is justified because it is our Tanah Melayu.
 (10) With this justifiable CAUSE and in upholding the spirit of ‘Ketuanan Melayu‘ with sincerity and its fundamental nature of Malays’ tolerance and acceptance, Ketuanan Melayu has served as one of the major principles of Malaysia democracy in a multi cultural ecosystem. It is in the Nation track record and without denial has brought peace harmony and prosperity to our Nation.
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