Saturday, November 13, 2010

Email Sharing - Another China Food Scam

We were in Shanghai. We saw one Ah Pek selling beautiful peaches, not expensive. So, many of us bought quite many kilos of it and boarded the bus. Very happy. Where can you eat such a beautiful peach in Malaysia? In the bus, the tourist guide started,"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry that it was not nice for me to stop you from buying from that Ah Pek. Since it 's not a big amount of money, you take it as a donation." "What do you mean?" "In November, you don't get good peaches in Shanghai. They paint the fruits." We left them behind in the bus.

The inside story of the food from China

Mouldy fruits

Dye the fruits.

Pigment and paraffin.

See the difference: Before and After

The white stuff is alum which contains aluminium. Can retard children's brain.

Melon seeds, (kuachi) : Selling good

Hei, what are you putting in??" The melon seeds will look great.

Left: Good. Right: No good

"Sifu, don't you think it's unhygienic?" "How to suck it out if I don't use my mouth?"
This is how they make wine.

Lao eh, water also can sell like wine. Rich la they.

They call it water blending. 
After adding water, they put in alcohol and white spirit to make it taste more like wine.
You want to drink some more ah?? Better quit.

After water blending, they have to thicken it artificially.

Pickled vegetable: Very easy to make.
Directly put in the raw vege, ingredients, water. 
Then mix them well, pack and you see them in the market.

"What is this?" " Sodium benzoate."
"Why so many worms?"
"You sure to see them in pickling vege. But after spraying this mixture, no more worms.
Is it insecticide?" "Yes, but mild one."
"What kind of mixture is that?" "We don't know."

The best beef is that from Shanxi. Any meat la, you give them; they turn it into beef.

The meat of mules and horses is mixed with the real beef. 
After processing, it tastes as good as the real beef from Shanxi.

"You just rinse the meat?" "Well, I just sprayed insecticide."

"It's not plain water; it's a special mixture. Without it, we can't turn them into beef."

"What is this?" "Smuggled salt. We are not supposed to use it. If caught, heavy fine."

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