Monday, July 11, 2011

Only In Malaysia....

Petikan dari Utusan Malaysia Online, "5,000 peniaga KL rugi RM100 juta":-
"Menurut Presiden Pertubuhan Ikatan Usahawan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia (Ikhlas), Mohd. Ridzuan Abdullah, nilai kerugian itu diperoleh daripada anggaran keuntungan RM10,000 setiap hujung minggu bagi seorang peniaga.
Sehubungan itu, sebagai pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO), pihaknya menawarkan khidmat guaman percuma untuk membawa semua tuntutan kerugian peniaga ke muka pengadilan."
Now, that is something that will make some mobster/rioter organisers think twice before running wild in the streets in the future. This indeed can be considered as deterrent effort by IKHLAS.

Anyways.. that was not the topic of this article, actually.

Well.... Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) you can have an accused, on trial, jetting in and out of the country, roaming freely across the nation, putting the accuser, the judges and the government on trial outside the court, out in the public. And he has been doing that for 3 years already, managing to postpone his trials more than 50 times. A well deserving note in the Malaysian Books of Records.

The extent of his freedom? You can very well imagine that when, it is the ACCUSED who in the real sense, manage to put the accuser, the judges and the government in the dock OUTSIDE the courtroom, both nationally and international, for 3 years now.

That's not about it yet. Look at his latest game-plan! Remember his PutraJaya antique that will be smooth and fast, according to one Bakri Musa (this guy is living happily outside the country, isn't he)? Just two days ago the nation (and the world, mind you!) witnessed another desperate attempt of the ACCUSED which could have made the government collapse and could have send the whole nation into chaos. See how FREE the ACCUSED is? Apa nak jadi dengan negara yang mengamalkan demokrasi ini??!!

Let's recap some of the events, happened recently.

He used this one small fish wanting to be in a big pond to come up with sheet of demands, nicknamed BERSIH 2.0, against the Electoral Commission, kononnya untuk dipersembahkan kepada YDP Agong. (Why didn't this little fish bring the Memo when given the opportunity to enter the Palace?)

But what it ended up with?

The sheet of demands became SHIT, the already long ago-predicted BERSHIT, because the final event turned out to be a "Reformasi" shouting and yelling against the government, by a group of rowdy cows and kaldais out in the open of KL streets. Not really about a genuine and truthful electoral reform demands, brought before YDP Agong in the Istana, in the proper manner or ADAB. The rowdy groups were believed to be mostly NON-KLites, imported into the city of KL, menyusahkan the KLites! 

But why the ACCUSED is suspected to be behind BERSHIT? 

His own statement coming out of a meeting should be more than enough to make him as the prime suspect! Click HERE.

But wait! One cow mooed before the event which sounded like, "not one flowerpot will be knocked down, not one brick will be thrown" which event aftermath left one dead, many injured, not counting the "menyusahkan orang" factor especially to the KLites and millions of ringgit lost to traders.

How can one not see that he is near-hopeless already in the court? His chance of escaping seems now limited to "the Road to Putrajaya" by bringing down the current government and BERSHIT was one of his another desperate attempt?!!! After this long, this article still does not say what I really what to say today.... Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?).

Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) you can see one who would have fulfilled all the criteria to become PUBLIC ENEMY of THE STATE who is undergoing court trials with serious sexual misconduct charges can roam the nation freely, in and out the country, putting instead, the whole nation on trials even to have the freedom staging game plans to overthrow the government and bring down the whole nation under undesirable foreign hands influence. Public Enemy of The State should have been dealt with Seksyen 121 long time ago!

And I was told that the mobsters and rioters (yang menyusahkan dan mendatang kerugian besar kepada orang lain) were feasted with Nasi Beryani Gam in a cosy set-up environment?

 (Imej seperti yang dipaparkan oleh Berita Minggu Mukasurat 6, Edisi Nasional, Ahad 10 Julai 2011 bertajuk
"Polis tetap jaga kebajikan tahanan - Kumpulan demonstrasi disedia ruang solat")
(KUMPULAN pengacau yang ditahan diberi makan di PULAPOL)

Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) where mobsters and rioters (yang menyusahkan dan mendatang kerugian besar kepada orang lain) where given the experience of "One night of Beryani Gam in cosy environment" instead of the experience of being hauled up into trucks and forced to spend a night in lock-ups or detention camp with perhaps some mineral water and basic nasi bungkus.

Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) where they tempt mobsters and rioters (yang menyusahkan dan mendatang kerugian besar kepada orang lain) with Nasi Beryani Gam instead of damage claim against the mob organiser, like the one being worked out by IKHLAS above. Well, Beryani Gam gives me a good ground to consider participating in BERSHIT 3.0 next!

Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) where they "menatang bagai minyak yang penuh" those voters from the minority groups who shouted and yelled the loudest against them and will never vote for them instead of the majority voters; who will always almost likely vote for them even though seem to be treated like "melukut di tepi gantang". Their grouses are being aired in the more proper manners, nothing like the profuse shouting and yelling, but still, they are the ones who are being ignored the most... in Malaysia (of the current administration?)

Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?) the showcase of "Democracy" is being displayed by letting "the dogs and pigs" to merrily running amok all around the country, shouting and yelling demands, all against the very spirit of the Rukun Negara and Perlembagaan Persekutuan. The Democracy "Catch 22" showcase is : from an individual, all right up to shit-medias - "dogs and pigs" are free to bring down this country. No law and order of the country seem to be bold enough, but wanting to play-safe. Yet, these "pengacau" are the ones who become "Anak Emas" of the current administration befitting "Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan".

Hey! the KLite traders who lost RM100 millions of business, they don't deserve free Nasi Beryani Gam?

Hey! Majority of us keep struggling for the "SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA", very much inline with the spirit of the Rukun Negara and Federal Constitutions, are we not Malaysians? Are we not the Rakyats who are much more deserving the country's wealth instead of that "monkeys in the woods"?  

Why all these "tunggang langgang terbalik kot"?

Maybe because we are shaping this nation teaching the young ones with "non-national" education system kot? There again that can be found....... Only in Malaysia (of the current administration?)


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