Monday, May 20, 2013

AirAsia - Syarikat Penerbangan Tambang Murah

Malaysia Airlines learned about the unfortunate situation of Izan and Maryam from Tourism Malaysia. As it is a standard procedure for all passengers with symptoms of contagious disease to get a fit-to-fly certification from a doctor, Malaysia Airlines made the decision to take Maryam Sofea to a doctor. This is to ensure that no one passenger puts the health of another passenger at risk.

As such, Malaysia Airlines staff picked up Izan and her baby from the hotel they were staying in to be brought to the clinic. The doctor examined the baby and confirmed that she was no longer contagious. It was said that she was out of the incubation period and that the black spots are actually just dry scabs.

Immediately after that, Malaysia Airlines worked on preparing the travel documents for Izan, Maryam and two other relatives. They were booked onto flight MH759 that departed Ho Chi Minh yesterday itself so that they would not have to spend another night in Saigon and incur more costs.
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MAS juga akhirnya.... itulah... Air Asia ni memang MURAH !!! Cheap! Cheap! Cheapo!

MAS, Tourism Malaysia selamatkan ibu dan bayi di Ho Chi Minh


Original Post:

"Jadi tidak benarlah kenyataan mereka kononnya Maryam telah dihantar ke hospital oleh kakitangan Air Asia bertugas di lapangan terbang?," tanya saya kepada ahli perniagaan itu.

"Tidak," balasnya ringkas.

I dont want to comment any further.. but read it for yourself...

an article by MYMASSA

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