Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dato Seri Najib !..... I LIKE !!!!

"Awak salahkan Utusan, bagaimana pula akbar berbahasa cina?"
I LIKED !!!!!!

Beginilah semangat PM MALAYsia yang saya mahu!!! Kekalkan dan tambah lagi semangat sebegitu!!!

"...the ability (and bravery) to ask the right and the difficult question..."

Dato Seri! Dato Seri!

Kilang rasis cina DAP di MALAYsia tu!!!




'Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, whatever measures that were being implemented by the government now and in the future towards national reconciliation, the most important question was the schooling system.

He said it was possible that now was the time for the national education system which emphasised on examination where the student must memorise to obtain high marks be replaced with a system that absorbed the spirit of patriotism among the students.

"We need to decide whether we want a national education system that would turn the young generation into citizens that give priority to the country or to become individuals who only think about self-interest," he said.'

"I however firmly believe that the key to unity among races in Malaysia is to revamp our messed up education system, we must have a Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua System where Bahasa Malaysia is the main language with English second and the vernacular language taught as elective subjects. Let us join the rest of the world in education look at Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, USA and Australia among others." - JUST MY THOUGHTS
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