Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update - The Pakiam's Allah Ciplak

UPDATE 03/04/2011

Keeping it up-to-date with my latest article "Hallelujah!!! Anda Tidak Perlu Lagi Mengundi DAP!", here is a recent list of satD's articles on the subject matter:-

 UPDATE 24/01/2011

Well folks, read bro satD comment below. For more links on the subject, click the link "Ciplak Allah Going For By-Election". Thanks for the tip, bro satD!.

Original Entry

The research works by PURE SHIITE on "Allah" issue are simply amazing. Let me just quote a comment by Citizen Kane on this:-

Trying to imitate bro satD,
"Yo! bro! Gua rasa ada lagi la link yang gua tertinggal ni. Lu punya planet susah siut nak cari. Lu boleh kasi link tak, mana-mana yang tertinggal pasal subjek ni. Gua nak update."

Here are the great research works by PURE SHIITE:-

Update : Sorry.. tertinggal tadi

Khas buat pengundi-pengundi di Tenang.

So.. what say you PAS? Nak bersekongkol dengan DAP dan terus menerus menghina agama rasmi negara ini?

 Sudah! sudah la!! Pakiam and gang...!!!

Do you really want to worship God or do you still want to continue creating unrest and disharmony in this country?


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