Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Tell Me Why !!!

  • I am Malaysian.
  • Bahasa Melayu is not my "mother tounge"
  • I am very comfortable with my "mother tounge", anywhere, any time.
  • What the heck!! Even Gomen wants "Diversity" via the 1-Malaysia concept. Never mind Bahasa Kebangsaan. 
  • Therefore I celebrate 1-Malaysia with my mother tongue, instead of Bahasa Kebangsaan. So what ??!! Ask the "1-Malaysia Gomen" la!!
  • I read bible. Bible in English language.
  • I am now fighting tooth and nail to have bible in Bahasa Melayu even though, by 1-Malaysia concept, I don't even use Bahasa Melayu in my everyday life.
  • Why suddenly Bahasa Melayu?


YOU TELL ME !!!!!!!

Here are some clues for you....(click the links given below)
  1. I want a Mercedes (Thank you KijangMas)
  2. Caleb - My Pet Project (Thank you A.P.A. - Aku Peduli Apa?)
  3. An Act Of War - A National Threat (Thank you satD)
By the power vested by Najib, whose power was derived from UNDI (mostly UNDI ORANG MELAYU), Idris Jala has exercised his ministerial power to answer his own prayer:-
"Pray that the Malaysian government will give the people the freedom to share the Gospel with their countrymen."
One of the prayer point in Caleb, in Idris Jala's "1-MALAYSIA SPIRITED 10-POINT SOLUTION" which Taib called it:-

BODOH !!!!

And apparently Najib said,

(bahawa ianya BODO walaupun bersemangat 1-Malaysia, dipersetujui oleh kerajaan/kabinet Najib sendiri setelah berbincang dengan Peguam Negara.
BOLO !!!)

Endnote 1 - An SMS for you, especially Sarawakians:-
“Vote against BN is a vote for Jesus. BN is an anti-Christ agent. Christians are being discriminated and rights in Constitution denied. Don't vote for BN. If you are a true Christian, send this message to 8 other Christians.”
I have a question - if NOT voting for the BN is a vote for Jesus Christ, then may I reword this sms : "Voting for a future Prime Minister who is a sodomist and who sleeps with prostitutes is a vote for Jesus Christ".

Endnote 2 - Najib TUNDUK (lagi !!!) pada desakan kristian (DIN TURTLE) - CLICK HERE

"Dengan jelas tanpa berselindung Concil of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) mengaku - Pilihanraya bukan saja digunakan untuk memperjuangkan isu Alkitab tapi juga isu-isu lain .....

(The elections are not being used just to push on the Alkitab issue but on all other aspects ..... )"

Tu dia kena sergah dengan HANTU LONCAT !!!!

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