Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Between Religious Law (of many religions) and Man-made Law (?)

Living together, having child outside of wed-lock, free sex, for example, seems to be "okay" in the USA, UK and many of the western countries (now also "creeping" into the eastern side). If we asked those Americans and Englishmen, majority of whom were Christians, whether Christian religion is okay with this or not, what do you think their answer would be? We should ask the followers of other religions too, including Islam, shouldn't we?

Or this has nothing to do with religions? any religion? 

..only something that has to do with the so-called "human rights", today, as per Seksualiti Merdeka's people?

The "Secret Weapon" case..... (unethical?)

Legally Right, Morally Wrong ?


It is not LEGAL(?)ly wrong to screw your best friend's wife? Ain't it, if she is a willing partner and both of you are consenting adults.

How would your best friend reacts when he found out,  you, of all people, a friend he trusted, screwed his wife?

If it is NOT LEGALLY wrong to screw, as long as it involves consenting adults, then why do we profess any (or most) religions at all if it is just MORALLY wrong? Is this what those Seksualiti Merdeka people are up to? Religiously wrong and Morally wrong, throw in as well Ethically wrong too,  can be Legally right? Is there any ground to this?


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