Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anwar, Ambiga, KDN and Executive Chief of the nation

Rumah sudah semakin runtuh, pahat pun berbunyi.. kemana pergi dan hilangnya si TUKUL?

Wrong Timing, Too Late (only after event) , perhaps more a like of Lip Service. Rightly so! Seriously, do you think they will abide by the Fatwa Kebangsaan? (stop and ponder a while on Bahasa Kebangsaan)

These kind of monkey business running down a nation should have been dealt with ISA long-long time ago! But looks like votes are much more important than internal security and the well being of the nation. Many are still asking, do KDN really exist in this respect?

But at least, one can say, Majlis Fatwa have more balls in this case... perhaps...

(FADING BLUE IN "TUNGGING" POSITION - Reaching for "food"?)
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