Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everything is so amazing, give it a second!

like how quickly the world owes him something .... he knew or existed only 10 seconds ago.. (2:22)


the gomen has started to wake up and becoming government again... at least seeking a declaration, some RM100k damage suit, etc is a start for the people to rely and believe on "kerajaan yang tegas dan adil", not otherwise.. This is a positive thing to note..

Those people who went to street's riot, "wanting the nation's blood" should be able to repay by "equal blood".. Some should be stripped off from citizenship...

Kerajaan SAMAN Ambiga ! YES !!


(Poster dari laman GERAKAN ANTI PKR)

and an interesting read from Gopal Raj Kumar:-


A source from the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra Australia, where many supporters of Bersih include faculty, has revealed the existence of a team of researchers lawyers, public relations and media workers from amongst Malaysians and Australians at the ANU, working on anti (Malaysian) government campaign in the event of such an eventuality arising.
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