Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hangpa semua boleh kena liwat !

Now that the MAS-AirAsia share swap deal is off... finally! Why the deal was allowed to go through/inked in the first place? Was it the case of "buat kerja cincai", not in-depth study or was it a "cunning" in-depth looting scheme with most devious and dishonourable intentions in the background? What do you think will happen if this fiasco is no where near PRU?

Before we all jump for joy partying, do read what OUTSYED THE BOX has to say about this so called "Great Rescue" of MAS...

This is not "cooperation" ok. MAS will eventually rescue Air Asia by buying Air Asia's 200 Airbuses which have no where to fly. MAS must provide engineering, ground support services, cargo services, catering and training services for Air Asia which does not even own a screw driver to maintain their aircraft. It is money out of MAS' pocket into Air Asia's pocket - now through the clever and devious mechanism of "JV"

Folks, this means Air Asia will get to use MAS' pilot training simulators almost  for free. Why? Because now there will be a JV company between MAS and Air Asia for pilot training, infrastructure - use of ground equipment, mobile airbridges etc.  Hutang lambat bayar pun takpa mah..sekarang sudah ada JV.

They will also get to use MAS maintenance support and repair services also almost for free. Why? Because there will be a JV company between MAS and Air Asia for maintenance services.  Bayar hutang lama sikit pun takpa mah..sekarang sudah ada JV.

And what is the consideration for MAS to enter a JV with AA for pilot training, aircraft maintenance, spare parts, procurement and so on? MAS has pilot training simulators, AA has none. MAS has maintenance, AA has none.  MAS has infra, AA has none.  MAS has screw drivers, AA has none. So what does AA give MAS in return for entering into a JV.  Can you all see who is being suckered here?
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Well... as OUTSYED THE BOX puts it... "Folks, MAS means taxpayers money ok.", the fight is not over yet for MAS... 
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